Lucy had the bestest friend ever! Mr Liam Payne. They've been best friends since she can remember but when she's asked to be hired as Liam's girlfriend by management, their relationship is put to the test...


2. Rehearsals

Slowly, I sipped at my hot chocolate as the warm fuzzy feeling travelled through my body and settled in my tummy. The TV was blaring some unknown American drama and Liam was sat across from me happily munching on his egg seeming quite content.

"Why are you so happy this morning?" I laughed at him as a huge grin spread across his face.

"I don't know. I guess I just really love going to rehearsals," he replied chuckling. When I'd consumed all of my hot chocolate, I darted upstairs, my fuzzy socks patting along the wooden floor. I jumped into the shower and let the warm water soak me. I felt relaxed in the shower, but that relaxing sensation only lasted a few minutes because soon Liam was banging on the door, demanding me to hurry up.

Quickly, I hopped out of the shower and threw on an outfit. I wore an old Rolling Stones band t-shirt, black skinny jeans and my black converse. My caramel hair fell down my back in its usual, natural, loose waves. I slicked on some lipgloss and applied minimal mascara.

Downstairs, Liam was waiting impatiently by the door swinging the car keys around his finger.

"Ready?" He sighed. I nodded my head in response.

As we drived in silence, Liam decided to put on the radio to fill the quietness.

"And next up the brand new track from One Direction!" The radio DJ announced as the beginning of Story of My Life began to play. Liam went to change over the channel before I stopped him instantly.

"What are you doing?" I asked him.

"Changing over the channel. I've heard this song so many times, Lucy and yes I'm proud of it but I would like a change for once!" He laughed.

"I like this song. Can we keep it on please?" I begged dragging out the word please so it sounded like it had multiple e's.

He sighed in defeat and leaned back into his seat. I threw my hands in the air and cheered in victory. Happily, I sang along with every word whilst laughing and giggling. I'd always loved singing but never thought I was very good at all.

"You know, you're not such a bad singer," Liam told me. I hadn't realised he'd been watching me intently the whole time.

"Thanks but maybe you should watch the road!" I cried as he suddenly swerved to miss crashing straight into a tree.

"Oops!" He muttered.

Ten minutes later, we were pulling up outside of the arena where the boys were performing tonight. As we entered through the heavy door I could hear loud laughter and someone making strange noises. I instantly knew who it was. Louis. Whenever there was some kind of noise it would most probably be coming from Louis.

We turned the corner and there he was, running up and down the stage laughing like a maniac, pouring water on everybody! I shook my head chuckling to myself amused by him finding other peoples annoyance highly funny.

"LOUIS!" Liam exclaimed opening his arms. Louis raced towards him and embraced him in a not so manly hug.

"Awwww!" I laughed. Liam picked Louis up and twirled him around. Their friendship was so adorable!

When the others had arrived they got right into practicing... Well I wouldn't really call it practicing. A normal bands rehearsals would consist of organising dance routines and sorting out harmonies. One Direction's rehearsals consisted of tipping water over each other, chucking cake and playing hide and seek in the arena. I swear you would never guess these boys were supposed to be adults now!

Half way through 'rehearsals' they decided to take a break and sit down for what they claimed was a "well deserved rest". Yeah, right! Zayn sat in the chair next to me, munching on a slice of chocolate cake. I'd always liked Zayn. He was a really caring friend and a great listener. I was also really great friends with Perrie so I asked him how she was doing.

"Yeah, she's great! She's actually on tour at the moment so I haven't seen an awful lot of her recently and I'm starting to miss her," he replied. I loved the way his eyes immediately lit up as he talked about her and you could tell he really did miss her. I gave him a sympathetic pat on the shoulder and he smiled weakly at me.

Soon enough though, Zayn's worrying thoughts were put to rest as the boys carried on with their food/drink fights.

Liam and I were all ready to leave the arena and come back in a couple of hours for the performance which was the first one on their very long world tour. We clambered into his expensive looking car and drove back home.

Everything was silent on the journey home for a few minutes until Liam said something which I was not expecting.

"Hey, Lucy," he started, turning the radio down. "You don't have to say yes if you really don't want to but, would you like to come with me on tour?" He asked sounding hopeful.

I'd never accompanied the boys on tour before. I'd always stayed at a relatives or friends house. Secretly, I've wanted to go but never asked because I didn't want to seem damanding or rude. But now that he'd asked me how could I say no!

"Of course!" I screeched hugging his left shoulder. "Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." I repeated over and over.

Liam and I travelling the world for ten months. This was going to be the best year ever!

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