Killer In the Rain

I've become restless after all the insanity that has struck.


4. Anticipating grief

Me.Damon.And I.

I left my dad to die in the house that built me.

My dad.

Tears came pouring down my eyes.

The cold air blew in my face.

I’m running for my life.

Chased down by a serial killer, with no hope to any surrender.

People are screaming in the background.

Haunted by their latest fears.

That shouldn't have been the last thing I said to him.

"Run",shouldn't have been the last thing he said to me.

Where did my life go ?

Mom left my dad after a sick awakening.


She forgot about us.

How happy we were.

I still remember the last thing she said to me.

“The things that haunt you, will never compare to your vicious memory.”

I never fully understood what she was trying to compare it to.

Even If I tried.

It would be like trying to run a country without it’s main independence.

I was only joking around with Adam.

I never meant for it to get this bad.

Theres really no other way to tell him how I feel.

Never drowned in who I am. Just like my father.

I could see the point he was trying to make:fend for himself.

 That’s the only thing he ever knew.

The smell of smoke burned my lungs.

The Killer In The Rain.

I wonder why he would go through all this trouble to kill a bunch of innocent people.

I look behind me and see huge flames ahead.

I’m far away,but it seems like the distance is ending.


It’s been an hour since the loss of my dad.

I wouldn't want the image of him and the killer stuck in my brain.

I check my phone.


The night is just about to begin,and I’m still homeless.

The gas station is not far from here so I try to make a run for it.

STANITON’s GAS FOR 2.99 a gallon.

Once I get inside I ask the bearded man where the bathrooms are.

“To your left near the corner shelf”he said.

His accent sounded low and scratched. It suited him.

After I came back I asked about the hotels.

“The nearest one’s down Tateson.”

“Thanks”,I said.

“Hey”, I stopped just after I was about to leave.

“You okay son.”

“I’m fine”,I said having doubts.

Who am I gonna live with ?

Do we even have an aunt?

Like she would even talk to us.

Where’s Adam ?


Jenson drove through the night.

Pausing suddenly to glance at me or see If I’m sad.

She drove towards a gas station called STANITION.

Once she parked the car, she asked If I wanted anything.

As usual I said no.

“It’s gonna be okay”,she said.

“No it’s not.He could be dead for all you know.”

I saw a guy that looked like Damon walk out of the store.

Same white shirt and jean jacket.

There was smoke around his eyes.


“Hey!”I said.


I jumped out of the car.

“Damon it’s me !”

“Adam?”he said.

I ran up to him and hugged him.

“Adam,where have you been? I’ve been worried sick.”

“Doesn’t matter,I’m here now.”

“Where’s dad?”

The face expression on Damon's face changed.

“Where’s dad?”

“Where’s dad!”

“Adam I’m sorry.”

He tried to hug me.

“No! dont touch me!”

I buried my face in my hands.

“Nooooo” My face turned red.

Burning my tears away.

Jenson came running down to hug me.

I sat there.Lonely.Devastated.

I’m the only one there.

Everyones changed.

“Who did it to him?”


“It was him”Damon said.

“The Killer In The Rain.”

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