Killer In the Rain

I've become restless after all the insanity that has struck.


2. Another and Another...Finding Out

By Wednesday there were three more kills by the same man.

"He was spotted in the rain near the surveillance camera at the back of the house."

"As you see the man walks inside the door and the cameras go off."

"Wait hold on"I say as my brother gives me the remote.

"Look there's a cord he pulls."

"Let me rewind it."

"Yeahhh right 'the cord'"he says sarcastically.

I squint my eyes and it's totally gone.

"No it's a string then."

"In the dark you can't see it since it was raining"

"Let's just say it came off because of the rain."

I throw down the remote.

"You're a dumb ass."

I say and walk away.

Dammon still looks at the tv clueless.

Yeah and did I tell you I hate my brother Dammon.

At dinner dad talks to Dammon when I'm still in my room.

"You know we think Adam's real parents are in New York right."

"Really ?"

"They don't want him though."

"So if he says anything that wont happen just agree with him , give him a little slack" 



That's when Adam come's in.

"Sup U.R.N."

That means, "Uneducated,Retarded,Nerd."

I know,it makes no sense.


"What ?"

"I call him that all the time"

He just gives him a look.

"Did I miss anything ?"

"No, nothing at all"he says.

Everyone eats and it's just silent.

That was the most awkward moment I've ever had.

I don't know why everyone's staring at me.

For these past days, Dammons been giving me some slack.

Everyday I feel like The Killer In The Rain's getting closer to the person he's looking for.

After school I hear my dad talking to my teacher.

I hope he's not talking about my grades because after that I'm out.

I then I realize he's not.

"Yeah, I just found out that his birth parents are in New York"

I felt pain come in my chest.

"I asked Dammon if he knew about it and he didn't"

There was a pause and I felt anxious for more.

"They don't even want him anymore, they sent me a letter about it"

"After that I didn't hear anything about them."

My heart was racing. I left because I couldn't even take it anymore.

My own parents didn't want me. I tripped over the rug and got up. My dad looked back to see of anything happened, but then went back to talking. Maybe I am just a U.R.N.

I feel like an even bigger one not knowing I was adopted.My head couldn't think straight.

Just then my brother was behind me."Are you okay ?"

"Why would you care ?"

I stand up and push him out of my way.

By then I was way to angry to talk to anyone.

"Dad",my brother said.

"Let him cool down.",he said.

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