Ziam Love Triangle

Zayn Pov: I love Liam a lot but I am in a love triangle because I kiss Harry at school I am really scared if Liam finds out about this I will never forgive myself .

Liam Pov: I was at my boyfriends house watching Miami heats vs the Angeles lakers when I see zayn coming down and ask him what's wrong he says nothing.

Harry Pov: I never felt good kissing zayn but I know he is already taken by my best friend Liam so I gave him a phone called to Louis and told him everything he couldn't believe it what I have done.

Louis Pov: when Harry told me that he kissed zayn at school I told Harry are you crazy or what you not just go and kiss zayn and told him if did not stop I will tell Liam about it.

Harry Pov: I can't believe Louis that he will tell Liam about me and zayn so I texted Niall and told him to give me advise about it.

Niall Pov: I was in my room playing with my favourite guitar when I hear a vibration in my pocket I take it out and see is a text from Harry so i say what's up with you is something bodying you he says yes I need your advise .

Harry Pov: so get ready to go to Nial house and tell him about zayn when I got to his house I knock on his door he answer it he say mate what's up come in I went in and close the door behind me and started talking about zayn I hope he will understand me how I feel right now.

Niall Pov: I was listening to Harry I stayed frozen for a while then I told him I gonna tell Liam he said no way why not Harry said Liam might wanna get in a fight with me over zayn I told you to tell him the true or I will tell him everything that you told me right now he said go ahead tell Liam that I kissed his boyfriend at school maybe zayn will decide who wants to be with.

Harry Pov: I cannot believe Nial is Beign jerk as Louis like I said go ahead and tell Liam that I kissed zayn today at school I will do anything to love zayn more than he loves Liam but always think is Liam gonna hate me when I tell the true why is love so complicated.

Liam Pov: I was writing some lyrics for the album when I hear a knock at the door I say who is it they say its Louis and Nial I get up from the couch I go open the door I say come in mates they both look at each other and run to the couch and said I am hungry I say their is tacos from last night they both nodded each them graved a taco started to eat so I told them what wanna talk about something Louis yes it's about zayn and I say what about zayn Nial says I think he is cheating on you Liam with another boy I say do I this boy Louis says yes you do know I tell him who is it then Nial Says its Harry styles our best friend .

Nial Pov: when I told Liam its Harry he didn't answer me he stayed quiet I am scared of Liam I have no idea what's gonna happened between Liam and Harry .

Liam Pov: when Nial told me that Harry kissed zayn at school today I was so pissed off I wanted to punch Harry so bad.

Louis Pov: I saw Liam face that I wanted to get out the house I hope for the best for Liam I don't want him or Harry get hurt or break their friendship since the X factor addition I feel bad because I betrayed Harry for telling on him but I had to do it or Liam find it out on his on I was thinking is going to Harry's house or talk to zayn my head is so confused now.

Harry Pov: I was playing my favourite video game when I get a text from Liam so I start reading it said you asshole you kissed zayn at school I am going to punch so hard that you will end up at the hospital ,when I finished reading it I text him back saying I so sorry Liam for kissing zayn please forgive me I don't want are friendship to end just come to my house and we can talk about it like mans.

Please don't hate me I never had wrote something like this please leave comments thank you and I am big fan of one direction:


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