Hate Love? Or Both?

This story is about a girl named Jenny, she is a 16 year old girl. She has long brown hair which goes right above her waist, she has blue eyes and a nice curvy body. She has a perfect family her mom, her father, and her older brother. When one day he family wants to move to Canada. Jenny is happy because she gets to see Emily her bestfriend. She goes to find Emily isn't so happy. She meets a group of guys in which they flirt with Jenny. How will she keep Emily happy? Are they the reason why Emily is sad?


2. the revealing

Justin's POV

I was at the mall with my crew, I wasn't having such a good day. I looked over at Starbucks and saw the bitch. Emily was there, she looked like she was waiting for someone.

"Hey guys look who's there." I said in a mocking voice

They all turned around and saw who I was talking about.

Suddenly I saw the most beautiful stunning girl ever.

She was walking towards Emily.

I noticed that my crew had seen her also I turned around and smiled.

"Man I need to know her! She can't be hanging out with a loser like Emily!" I said.

"Let's go get to know her!" Said Chaz.

As I tapped the girls shoulder I saw Emily turn around.

She was so ugly but I was distracted by the beauty of her friend.

"What do you guys want? Leave my friend alone." Emily snapped.

I knew one of my boys would say something.

"Shut up bitch! No one was talking to you hoe!"

"Don't talk to her like that!" Her friend said.

God she had an angels voice.

I still didn't know her friends name so I decided to put my arm around and console her, she squirmed out of my reach. No one denies me! I told her my name and left.


"Wh-Why didn't you tell me this earlier?" I said, I was angry.

"I didn't want you to worry about me.." She whispered quietly.

I held her arms and she let out a small cry.

"What wrong am I holding on too tight?" I asked


"Emily? What's wrong. Let me see wh-"

"Oh.My.God." I gasped as I started to pull up her jacket sleeve.

She started to cry more.

"Did they do this to you?!" I was now practically yelling. "They are such jerks! They are completely missing out on such a great person in their life! I will always be here for you no matter what I will always care for you! I just love you so much Emily."

As I finished that sentence I started to cry. I saw the bruises on her arms, she had cuts, she had a scar. It was so harmful to see her living like this.

Just as I was about to say her name, the jerk reappeared. At this time I was furious what they did to my bestfriend wasn't right.

"Hey. You guys." I yelled from across the mall.

They all stare at each other and smiled.

"I'm y/n, Emily's bestfriend. Are you guys responsible for the injuries on her arm?! You don't know how bad I hate bullies. You guys injure her like she was just some random toy!" I screamed with tears filling my eyes.

"She is but she's a slut." I hear one of them say.

"All I'm asking for you to do I stay away from her."

"Your cute in all, but nah I take my anger out on her, not even for a hottie like you would I stop bullying Emi- that bitch." Said justin.

"Stupid guys" I murmured.

As I was about to turn to Emily, justin grabbed my arm and tried kissing me.

"Dude, get away from me you pervert!"

"Man you almost got her she is hotttt!" Said one of the boys.

"Don't ever attempt to touch me again" I snapped, taking his hand of my arm.

As I walked away I saw Emily soaked with a smoothie all over her clothing. She was crying.

"Who.. The fuck.. Did this?!"

She was speechless and all she did was cry.

Then I saw the group high-five Chaz.

"It will all be fine, I promise they will stop eventually." I whispered.

"Hopefully" I head her whisper very slowly.

Justin's POV

Her name is y/n. That's all I care about. She shouldn't be friends with Emily. It was so funny when Chaz threw the smoothie on Emily! One day maybe one day we will take her away from Emily. Yes that's it! Take her away from Emily!

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