Me And Niall

A fan fiction about me and One direction and my bffl chelsea


4. One Direction

"Your really good Tori." I smile at niall. Niall gets up and goes on one knee towards me. "Tori will you marry me." I felt my heart race. "YES!!!!." He gets up and kisses me. I smile. We cuddle and everyone congratulates us. Liam gets jealous but acts ok. I cuddle with Niall. I keep playing guitar and me and Niall do a song mash up. After tour: im laying in bed and Niall kisses my neck and goes and makes makes me pancakes. He comes back with pancakes. " thanks babe " i smile. " no problem baby cake " he kisses me. "Me and the guys are going to go see a movie wanna come?" Niall asks. " sure " i answer. The boys knock and i jump and get dressed. Niall gets the door. "Hey guys come on in" the guys sit in the living room and i walk out to the kitchen looking hot as fuck and the guys stair. Niall walks in and hugs me from behind and kisses me. I smile. He walks to the living room with me. "Okay are we ready to go guys?" Niall asks. Liam looks at me still as the guys look away. "Liam remember tori is mine." Niall looks mad at Liam. I hug Niall and he calms down. Chelsea and harry burst in making out " um harry." I look at chelsea like i just fixed that. She gets up off harry and harry gets up and helps chelsea up. Around Christmas time: me and Niall get back from christmas shopping. Our baby April and her baby sitter trudy. "How was she trudy?" I asked. " she was an angel. " she answered. " heres 50 dollars." Niall gives her money. She leaves. Niall hugs my waist as i make dinner.

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