Me And Niall

A fan fiction about me and One direction and my bffl chelsea


3. One Direction

I look mad at him. " yea dude." Says the rest of the guys. " you guys are right sorry Niall and tori." " its ok." I sit back down and cuddle up to Niall. " guys could we go to my house and get my stuff cuz i dont wanna be stuck in this plus i have no pj's." I explain. " yea of course we can babe." Niall kisses me. We get to my house. Niall helps me back my clothes. We come out with 3 suite cases of clothes. Niall puts them in his room. " Niall can you go get my guitar please its in my closet?" I asked. " sure anything for my teddy bear. " i smile. He brings it with my song book. " i brought your song book too just in case." Explained Niall. " thanks babe." I thank him. I play songs as we head somewhere. I get hungry. " Niall do you guys have any chicken?" I ask. " of course we do i never leave home with out chicken." He says. The guys role there eyes. Niall hands me chicken and i smile. I eat. I keep singing and playing. I run out of songs so i make new ones. Niall holds my waist as i play guitar.

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