Loving someone is like honey, it's sweet and it can get you into a mess. By my mess wasn't golden, it was a web of lies, bloodshed and bitter tears. It's the mess that made my life. The life of Astoria Greengrass.


3. 【Chapter Two】



When I kissed Astoria, I felt alive. She would melt into my arms, and I would take that as a comforting sign. It made my day, the day we first kissed; all the boys, even Draco admitted we had chemistry, so I came over to Astoria after a long two hours of double potions. This was before the OWLs, when she was uneasy and always had her head in a book; it tore me to see her worked up, her eyes forever reading small text.

"Hey," I had said to her, trying to turn on my undeniably perfect charm. As I did so, I ran a hand through my hair; something out of habit.

Astoria had looked up from her book and smiled at me, her eyes lighting the moment she met my eyes. All the girls have a thing about my eyes, all I cared about was that they would stare into them and be captured so easily. Behind me, all the Slytherin boys watched me carefully, taking notes. When I glanced back, even Draco was watching, his eyes narrowed in concentration. Astoria had stood up, with her bag slung over her shoulder. Gorgeous, she was stunning, as was she on our first date.

Walking back from the Potion lesson, a frown passed over my face. Everything had changed between us, I could feel it. Kissing Astoria wasn't like it used to be, I still loved her, but I didn't feel that spark anymore. I looked towards my best friend, Dylan who was as sombre and skittish as ever. 

Behind me, Crabbe, Goyle and Draco, as well as the countless other Slytherin members of Draco's posse, walked along at a leisurely pace. I tried, again, to picture the scene later that day, but my mind was too stuck on the fact she was pulling away, strand by strand.

"Hey!" Draco's voice was loud, I turned to see Pansy staring at me, Crabbe and Goyle smirked slightly, "Hey, lover boy!" Pansy giggled, her high-pitched squeak triggering Draco's smirk, the one that plastered his face so often. "I see you and Greengrass are going downhill." I stopped in my tracks, how did he know?

Draco was an alright friend, but ever so often he would go too far, "Oh, didn't you realise?" He simpered, a look of distress pasted over my face, I tried to hide it but it shone through. I could tell this as Draco's eyes lightened; "I saw how you look at her, that mudblood who doesn't even deserve to be with you. You deserve someone better."

"Yeah!" piped Pansy, her face in a scorn with glee, "Mudblood Greengrass is a right drop off!

"At least Astoria doesn't prance around like some prostitute, Parkinson." I looked at both her and Draco's second stalker, Nichols.

I set my eyes on Draco as I turned round. He just smirked and watched as Pansy flounced forwards, batting her eyelashes. She turned round to let a tall girl with blonde hair walk forwards; Callie Nichols. Callie came up to me, her eyes narrowed and lifted her hand. 


My cheek pulsed an angry red


Potions passed smoothly and I walked back alone. Hermione had rushed off for her Arithmancy, and as I had decided to give it up for Newts, I wasn't needed. Harry and Ron had gone down to Hadgrids for their free period, but I wanted to go and find Evander. I needed to set things straight...

The corridors were quiet as it was long after the end of Period One. I set my sights on the Slytherin Dungeon almost immediately, but as soon as I started descending the staircase, I heard some voices coming from the corridor to my right. The voices of Draco Malfoy, Pansy Parkinson. Dread filled my stomach; instincts made me abruptly sink down, hiding behind the banister, watching as the gang came into view.

Malfoy lead, natuarally, being the biggest bully in Hogwarts was obviously not a big enough crown for his fat head. Yet, as he came into light, I noted how awful he looked. Deep, bruise-like marks hung under each of his storm-grey eyes, his skin was paler than usual, and that was saying something. Even his eyes had lost the passion for taunting the fleeing boy who he was preying on. He was Evander.

Evander quickly ran down the stairs, but he was caught by a tripping jinx, sending him flailing into the Entrance Hall. Goyle and Crabbe quickly followed, pulling him back as he scrabbled against the stones. Malfoy - oh how I hated him then - walked with a small smirk behind, Pansy, perched on his arm.

"Why even bother defending her, Evander?" I shook as I watched Malfoy question my boyfriend, "It's not like she's interested in you anymore..." With a jolt I realised he was talking about me. Once again, I felt furious at Malfoy, that big headed idiot that laughed coldly. His tormenting ways had changed, now they were evil and serious. It was as if he had gotten-

"Don't say that," spat Evander in my defence, I sinked into the floor as he looked up into the eye of his offender; but Malfoy shook his head, "Really, believe what you want.. but she's not going to be hanging around for much longer."

I clapped a hand over my mouth to stop an anguished cry from reaching their ears. Did Malfoy think I'd just loose interest in Evander, just like that? I sifted through my mind quickly, fumbling with my thoughts. If Malfoy did think that, why was he trying to scare Evander? I felt a fresh wave of guilt. Maybe my attempts at hiding my doubts weren't good enough - I thought I'd been strong, a good solid actress- but no, here Malfoy was, telling Evander that I didn't love him...

Did I?

That was the question that stopped me from getting to sleep at night. I had wanted a simple break, but now that was the last thing on my mind. Evander needed me. Yet, I was too startled to do anything. If I hadn't of been an idiot, I would have done something.

But I didn't.

I wasn't sure whether what Malfoy was true, or whether he was just trying to scare Evander, purely. I wished, for once, that I knew everything. Then, I wouldn't of had to battle with my heart, telling what I need is Evander, but what I want is an entirely different thing...

"She won't be hanging around for much longer.."

His voice was permanently stuck in my mind.


I'm sorry its short and a bit quick, but I've had a long day and soon, I'm going to have a hand seizure from all this typing ( how I hate consequences ) Thanks to all the people reading this, and I hope you enjoy whats to come :)

- Dia

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