1. Blame

Its easy to blame something else than to be un able to sleep .. asking (Why?)

Blame your luck, your family and your culture !

But REMEMBER.. You are a part of all these ! We could never run away from our mistakes for that they will follow us as our own shadow!

Face your mistakes and learn! There is no wrong with being wrong ! as it common known, fool me once shame of you, but fool me twice shame on me!

I started with motivating my self, imagining that i wasn't the one whom : Died, cried and broke .. Under her spell, her mistakes and her BLAME!

I could never been more hurt than the way i do now! Its sad to know that your heart will never follow anyone except those who know exactly how to break you down! I wondered ( HOW COULD FOR GOD SAKE I STILL LOVE HER? ACTUALLY !!!!! WHY DID I LOVED HER AT THE FIRST PLACE ), But for sure! Some Questions, are meant to have NO ANSWERS so that we keep asking them over and over again until we try to make something up! Something like (YOUR EYES, YOUR SMILE) crazy simple things! That have made me promise my self! Not to love no one but YOU!

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