It all starts with a dream

Mckayla Evie and Brooke have been friends for as long as they can remember, they have an...interesting dream and get sent as exchange students across the ocean everything is fine until they decide; being regular teenage girls, to go shopping with some new friends met along the way.


5. chapter 4/ Mckayla's P.O.V;

Mckaylas P.O.V;

Louis led us into the room and.........................

"Mckayla! Come on! You have school today! I understand it's the first day but let's get moving! I herd my mom yelling at me from Down stairs... WAIT MY MOM?!? I was going to meet the boys though?? My eyes fluttered open and I saw my purple wall filled with pictures all my memories from the summer before 7th grade to this past summer I have 963 pictures taking up two of the walls in my room I threw off my covers and hopped put of bed I quickly ran across the hall to my bathroom and started a shower I stripped and jumped - when I got out I threw on Jean shorts a tee shirt and decided on flip flops I knew everyone would be dressed similar because it was so hot!!! While drying my hair I texted Brooke and evie in a group message

I had finished my hair and straightened it to perfection I also brushed through it too. I bounded down stairs to see my dad leaving *i guess it's only 7:30 I thought to my self I grabbed a granola bar to go with the egg and bacon my mom had put on the counter. "Evie and Brooke are coming over today after school ok?" My mom told me " what sense when?" I asked "I mean I'm totally ok with it I just didn't know..?" I added smiling "yeah I talked to Karen and Denise and it's all settled!" She told me I hugged he and kissed her cheek and left I drove to school and met Brooke and evie in 'our' booth in the cafeteria " hey it's Thursday I forgot!" I said referring to the late start we have every week

"Yep!" Evie replied "so this dream we all had??" Brooke said starting us thinking, " yeah. So..." I explained the whole dream to them. Their mouths hung half way open the whole time in awe " I'm actually kind of freaked out right now actually" evie said laughing "wait why?" Because I had the same dream!" She answered "yeah so did I" Brooke told us "evie... Did you check you phone to see if you had Harry's number?" I asked "uh no I was gonna wait to be with you guys..." She told me grabbing her phone and unlocking it "holy..." She breathed not finishing her sentence holding out her phone for us to see. In her contacts the third from the top was 'Harry;)'

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