It all starts with a dream

Mckayla Evie and Brooke have been friends for as long as they can remember, they have an...interesting dream and get sent as exchange students across the ocean everything is fine until they decide; being regular teenage girls, to go shopping with some new friends met along the way.



Ok this is my first movillia so take it easy on me? First of all my name isn't evie, that's the main character of all the fan fictions I already have planned to write. I designed this account so it would be like Evie's account...does that make sense? If not don't worry about it. The main thing is that these stories are not about me...



Evie Nigs

Age;17~Eye color;blue/green/gray~Hair;dirty blond-natural highlights (from sun) thin & long (to bitten of ribs)

Brooke Flicek:

Age;17~Eye color;green with gold flecks~hair;medium light brown hair, just below the shoulders(very tall, long legs)

Mckayla Armbruster;

Age;17~Eye color;piercing icy blue~hair;light brown long, to lower back

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