The 1st annual Hunger Games

The very first time the Capitol hosted the inhumane slaughters of young people, they only picked children of District 13. The price for being left alone. A price District 13 was willing to pay. (HungerGamesCompetition, word count; 3052)


6. Chapter 6





Everyone shot forward the moment the horn blasted, I was running as well. But while everyone else was running towards the piles of stuff in the middle, or towards each other, or even away, I was running towards Bree. I saw a large man coming up behind her, the poor girl seemingly frozen in shock or fear. 

"BREE!" I screamed, and she looked up just as the man reached for her, a knife somehow already in his hands. I lunged at him, throwing myself into him, effectively knocking him down. "RUN!" Bree stared into my eyes for less than a moment, and then she bolted. 

Quickly I got up, hurrying to get away from the man whom I think was from District 3. But I was tugged back the moment I got off him. "Get back here, little girl." He snarled, he didn't look especially apologetic, which I would have presumed from a rebel.  

He was already raising his knife, an unknown look in his eyes. I don't even know what happened. I just felt myself kick out, and then suddenly he was falling backwards, letting go of my leg. 

I didn't wait to see what happened, I just ran towards the forest, in the same direction as Bree. Three cannons went off on my way. I didn't know what it meant, but it couldn't be good. 


       It took me a little while to locate Bree. She had hidden herself near a stream which was a perfect replica of one that I knew cut through the familiar forest's in 13. This wasn't District 13, though. There was something completely off about this place. 

      She was scared out of her wits, the poor girl, and it took more than 15 minutes to calm her. Her deeming her sufficiently calm, I took her hand and led her through the woods so much like the ones I knew in and out. 

I guess that's when the panic started setting in. In my rush to get out of the plain, I hadn't thought about the fact that without any gear, we were effectively doomed in the woods. I knew nothing about hunting, or survival, and I didn't exactly expect Bree to be a master at these kind of things. 


        We set up camp near near a creak, since I figured being close to water was our only chance of survival. Bree was crying, so I sat with her in my arms and spoke softly to her. She told me in return that she had been dying to see what I looked like ever since our first conversation. That made me smile, and I felt tears stinging my eyes. 


       At night we had seen the holograms on the sky, telling us who had died that day. After a day or so, I figured out that the cannons meant someone dying. Every time it reminded me that we couldn't hide forever, and that there were less and less kids, and Bree and I were becoming more and more valuable. 

      We had survived on berries, but I could tell that Bree was getting tired, and weak. And it worried me.  


      I was woken up by the noise from another human passing through the woods. I placed a hand a top of Bree's mouth, and desperately fought to control my own breathing. Whoever it was, they passed by just where we were sitting. So close that I could smell them. They smelt like sweat and blood.


      I had spent days contemplating what to do. No matter what, at least one of us would have to die. And Bree would be killed if I wasn't there to protect her. There was only one thing to do. 


     I had found them that day while we were scavenging for berries. I recognized them immediately. Back in 13 they had taught us many things, including how to recognize different plants and berries. I had memorized all the poisonus ones, exactly so I wouldn't eat them if I was ever in the wild. I quickly gathered a few handful's, making sure not to mix them up with the rest of the pile. 


     Bree was eyeing her small portion of berries with menace. I couldn't help but chuckle at her expression. "Bree?" She looked up at me expectantly, popping a red berry into her mouth. 

"I just wanted to tell how much I have appreciated having you around, and being able to talk to. I have really come to care for you, and I regard completely as a younger sister." Tears were slipping from my eyes as I regarded her joyous expression. "I feel the same way about you, Dagmar. I love you!" She beamed up at me, and gave me a little hug. 

"Okay you, eat you berries, here have some of these. There very special." I showed her the little portion, and she happily took them. My throat clenched, and I couldn't breathe as she put one after the other in her mouth and happily ate them. 

I whimpered as she looked at me confusedly, reaching out, beginning to say something, never completing whatever it was. I grabbed her as she fell. 

"I am so sorry." I whispered, tears streaming down my cheeks, landing on her freckled face. Her gaze became unfocused, and she let out a last breath, as the first chocked sob escaped my mouth.   



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