The 1st annual Hunger Games

The very first time the Capitol hosted the inhumane slaughters of young people, they only picked children of District 13. The price for being left alone. A price District 13 was willing to pay. (HungerGamesCompetition, word count; 3052)


5. Chapter 5




              After breakfast, I waited as they brought us out one by one, myself being the last in row. Two Capitol workers came in changing our clothes, they were dressed up like usually, completely covering themselves. One of them came up behind me and cut my long black hair off, leaving me with jaw length trenches. My stomach knotted together, and more than ever before, I felt like some sort of animal, a pet, a slave. 


            I was led to a dark room, with an open glass-tube, which I guessed would be my entrance to the game-arena. One of the workers told me that when I came up, and the glass disappeared, I would find myself on a platform. There would be a countdown of ten seconds until the game started, and if I stepped of it before the ten seconds were up, I would be blown to pieces on the spot. The workers voice was manipulated by the voice piece in their gear, and their voice game out strange and electronic, and I wasn't able to tell if it was a woman or a man. 


           The tube shut tight, and I was shot upwards. Suddenly I was standing in a big open space, glass tubes with tributes all around me. My breath was caught in my throat, when I realised that the arena had been made to look just like District 13, the area I was from. I remember coming to this exact place often as a child, the woods our favourite place to play, far away from the rebellion and the war. That had stopped when Capitol soldiers had caught a group of children in there, and killed them, sending their heads to the rebellion headquarters. 


       Glancing around, I saw that we had been placed in two circles. An outer and an inner, the inner being with the children of District 13, the outer with the rebel-leaders. There was loads of equipment in the centre of the inner circle, everything from weaponry to food. I looked to my left and saw Bree. I couldn't help but smile at the sight of her. It was the first time I saw her. She was quite small, and had pale blonde hair, which hadn't been cut short like mine, already only being shoulder-length. She had freckles spreading over her nose and cheeks, and her eyes were clear blue, and clearly tear-stained. She caught my eye, and smiled, and I gasped as she almost stepped off her platform, about to run to me. She must have noticed my alarmed expression, because she stopped herself, and I sighed in relief and directed my attention back to the counting clock. 5. 4. I glanced back. It couldn't be a coincidence that The kids of 13 were placed furthest away from the edge. 3. My eyes widened in alarm, as I realized. 2. I had to get to Bree as soon the game started. 1. We were placed on the inside so we couldn't get out. So that easier to catch for the rebel leaders. So that we were trapped and easy to kill. 0.


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