Only Divergent

This is a story. A story written in prose.
A story based on Tris and what life may have been like for her after she found out she was Divergent and what Edith Prior wanted the city to know.
There are parts combined from the three books but as it is a Divergent Fan fiction I hope this doesn't matter.
Sorry if this is a really confusing description.


2. Searching for Truth

Softer still

The voices are; as I follow

From a distance of safety

To where they are headed.


Searching for answers

To all my questions

About the world

And what truth really is.


Urge for knowledge

Grasps me like a disease;

I need to know,

I have a job to do.


If my father,

An Abnegation leader,

Won’t tell

I have to discover by myself.


Louder now

Are the voices I follow,

Stopped at Checkpoint B

To uncover deceit and treachery.


I hang back

Unsure of what to do.

Should I continue

Or should I return?


There is no knowing

What the outcome will be

If I turn back

Or if I go forth.


The spur of the moment

My heart leaps forward

Followed by all else

To discover the answers.


Wisps of conversation

Floating down the corridor

Catch my ears,

Like fire catches paper.


Unbelievable but

It’s clearly true; that

We are under attack

From a world unimaginable.


Disease and guns,

Bombs and fire.

Explosions and water,

Designed to frighten.


We are not safe,

Lies blind my eyes,

As I realise our danger and

What is about to come.


The truth is frightening.

The truth is scary.

The truth is that

Our world is an illusion.


Softer still

The voices are; as I run

To warn of impending danger

From proposals leaders made.

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