Only Divergent

This is a story. A story written in prose.
A story based on Tris and what life may have been like for her after she found out she was Divergent and what Edith Prior wanted the city to know.
There are parts combined from the three books but as it is a Divergent Fan fiction I hope this doesn't matter.
Sorry if this is a really confusing description.


1. The Factions

Winding paths and the chasm

Linger in my mind;

Weight of the gun and my losses

Heavy in my heart.


Selfless I am

To risk myself for friends,

Though it takes no thought   

Being subconsciously me.


Can I announce

That they are living a lie?

Destroy our world

By telling the truth.


Peace would end,

Kindness and happiness

Gone with a gust of wind

Which I should prevent.


I need knowledge to solve the problem,

To uncover traitors,

Save the innocent

And find a meaning to this mess.


Joined together

As one instead of five.

Conquering is definite

And all will have a place.


An escape route has formed,

The truth emerged.

I know what to do

So that is where I go.

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