Alexis & Niall? The definition of perfect. They were never fighting, and never without each other. That is... until the day he left for the X-Factor. Now, 3 years later, Niall returns home. And Alexis has a surprise for him. What's the surprise? Lindsey Nicole Horan. His daughter he never knew about.


4. Chapter 4

Friday morning, I was awakened to a little girl jumping on me, “Mommy! Mommy, wake up! Mommy, hurry! We get to see Daddy today!!” I yawned, looking at the clock, “Baby, it's only 10:00. The concert doesn't start til 12:00.” She frowned. I sighed, “Okay, babe. Let's get ready.” She dragged me into her room, pulling out her clothes, “Mommy, I want to wear this shirt!” She pulled out her One Direction shirt, and smiled, pointing at Niall, “That's Daddy, Mommy!” I smiled, “Yeah, I know, sweetie.” She smiled. I helped her put on her clothes, then got ready myself. I looked at my phone, texting Niall.

To: Niall James Horan

Hey. Going to park now. Where do you want to meet us?

30 seconds later, I got a text.

From: Niall James Horan

Meet me & boys backstage. Tell the security guard to let you in. If he says no, show him this text and tell him you're Alexis Smith, and Niall sent you backstage passes.

I looked at Lindsey, “Let's go, baby.” I grabbed her hand, as she grabbed her CD. She smiled, “Mommy, do you think he'll sign this for me?” I smiled, “Yes, baby.” She gasped, “Do you think I can get a picture with him?!” I nodded, “Yes, Lindsey.” She smiled, “I'm excited!” I laughed, helping her in her car seat.

Once we got to the park, girls were lined up all the way to the back. I picked Lindsey up, and ran through the crowd. Once I got to the front, I saw a big man wearing all black. I smiled, “Hi, I'm Alexis Smith. Niall sent me backstage passes, and told me to show you this text if you didn't believe me.” He looked at the text, then mumbled, “Alexis Smith is here,” into his watch. “Send her in,” I heard the other person say. He made a small opening for me. Girls tried to follow me, but thankfully, security blocked them. Lindsey hopped out of my arms, and grabbed my hand. She looked up at me, “Mommy.. I'm scared.” I nodded, “It's okay, baby. You ready to see Daddy?” She smiled, nodding. We walked down the hallway, until I heard singing. I gulped, now or never. I moved the curtain back, and saw 5 boys practicing. Lindsey gulped, smiling and covering her mouth. I smiled, picking her up. I looked into the eyes that I fell in love with. Those beautiful blue eyes, blonde hair, perfect smile. He walked over to me, “Oh my God...” I smiled, “Niall...” He looked at me, “Alexis Nicole Smith...” Zayn looked around, “I'm thinking we're missing something.” Harry laughed. Niall smiled, tickling Lindsey's neck and shoulder, “Hi, Lindsey.” She smiled, “D-Daddy?” He nodded, tears forming in his eyes, “That's right, baby. I'm your daddy.” She reached for him, and he picked her up, holding her tightly. I smiled, and looked at the other boys, “Hi, I'm Alexis. I was Niall's old friend back before he left.. and umm, this is Lindsey. She's your biggest fan, and umm..” Niall interrupted, “My daughter. Excuse me, our daughter,” he said, putting his arm around my waist. Liam's jaw dropped. I smiled at Niall. He smiled back, “What's this, baby?” She smiled, “Can you sign this for me?” He nodded, putting her down, “Sure!” The boys crowded around her, signing the CD. I smiled, “I think she wanted a picture with you guys.” Niall smiled, walking in front of the backdrop that read “ONE DIRECTION” on it, and picked her up. “Say cheese,” I said, grabbing my phone and taking their picture. He put her down, and she looked around. Harry smiled, crouching down beside her, “Ello, Lindsey. I'm Uncle Harry.” She smiled, “My Mommy had a crush on you!!” I blushed, putting my head in my hands. Niall looked at me, “Is that so, love?” I laughed, “No! She simply asked me if he was cute. And of course, I said yes!” They laughed, and Zayn leaned down, kissing her cheek, “Hey, Linds. I'm Uncle Zayn.” She smiled, “Hi, Uncle Zayn.” She ran over to Louis, hugging his legs, “Hey, Uncle Lou.” He laughed, picking her up, “I think we can all say I'm her favorite.” She reached out her arms to Liam. He smiled, gladly excepting her offer, “Hey, Lindsey. I'm your Uncle Liam.” She smiled, hugging his neck, “I wuv you Uncle Wiam.” I laughed, “Lindsey, why are you talking like a baby?” She smiled, ignoring me. Liam smiled, “Who's the favorite now?” Everybody laughed. The security guard came in, “5 minutes til showtime guys.” They nodded, and Liam gave Lindsey back to me. Niall sighed, “Alright, I hate to do this, but you guys have to go out there in that mess.” I nodded, looking at the crowd, “But we get front row, right?” Niall nodded, “I'll make sure of it. I want an eye on both of you. I lost you once, I'm not loosing you again.” I smiled, “What about Adriana?” He sighed, “We.. broke up. Because it was either her, or my family. And I choose you guys.” I smiled. He walked over to me, placing his hands on my waist, and kissing me softly. Lindsey made an “Aww,” sound. I laughed, kissing him back. I smiled, then was brought out by security to the front row, with Lindsey in my arms. I put her down, getting out my phone. I took her picture, then posted it on Twitter, “First 1D concert(: @NiallOfficial <3 #OneDirection” I looked at the stage, as the boys walked out on stage. I smiled as they began to sing Best Song Ever. I looked down, “Lindsey?” I turned, looking. Nowhere to be found. I began to cry, “LINDSEY?!?!” I looked at Niall, “She's gone.” Niall walked over to me, still continuing to sing, “What?,” he asked, pulling his mic from his face. I cried louder, “Lindsey's gone!!!!” He screamed into the mic, “STOP THE MUSIC!!!” The band stopped playing, and he walked to the boys telling them what happened. He ran off the stage, jumping down, and searching the crowd. Girls all over him, but he pushed them off. I ran, crying my eyes out. Where's my baby?

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