When 19 Year old Jamie Adnnderson Gets excepted into a college in New york city, She is forced to leave London her boyfriend Zayne and her Familey...


3. Getting used

  Megan's P.O.V

It's been A whole week since the new girl Came here. She is So pretty!

Which make's me wonder why she wanted to sit at the back with me..

She has Brown hair. straight. At the bottom curly, With blonde Highlight's

She has Beautiful Green eye's she wears glasses. I ONLY WANT TO BE HER she might be even prettier, than Christine THE POPULAR GIRL!!!

"So what do you like to do" I asked her "Well I actually-"I like to play hockey" I said

"Favorite food?" I asked "Kool-"Ugg you talk to much!!!" I said She gave me a confused look

But i don't know why i mean she Does not know when to shut her pie whole.

Jamie's P.O.V

"Woah I talk to much?" I said to myself That made me laugh but not hard like a kinda Ha!

Kind-of-a-Laugh. But right at that moment Megan had to put her hand over my mouth because one son of a hunk just walked in at 12:00 "Shh that's my boyfriend" Megan said "Then why is his lip's locking with Blondie over there? "His Name is zayne" She said "And the truth is were dating only he Does not  know it I only Do" "So just a crush?" I said She looked at me  as if I didn't understand what she had just said which i did. After the bell had rung Megan Quickly Excorted me over to my locker which i keep forgetting the location. And this is pretty Casual what's about to happen. I shut my locker Zayne being Clueless and bumps into me knocking all my stuff over breaking my glasses. This time he dosen't even Offer to help me or say i'm  Sorry, SO I did but not in the way it's usually used. "I'm sorry" I said "If you Haven't noticed I'm not invisible. He ingnored me "You broke my glasses" I said " Still Ignoring? me" I said Fine two can play at this game.  I took out a sticky note and placed it on his jacket "It's the money you need to replace my glasses I said walking away,

But Typical, TYpical He is in my Second periode

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