Harry always felt empty, even when the boys were around. When a new girl named Lucy moves to his school during senior year. He fancies her, but his school rivalry tries to take her away from him. He realizes her talent, and she realizes his. What will happen?


3. New Faces

I stood in the library, looking for a book i haven't read

"So?" I turned in fright and saw a 6'4 guy standing next to me

And by the sound of his voice, he wasnt from here

"You really like reading?" He asked and i smirked

"Well its better than being on my phone all day"

He did a half smile, which i had to admit, was a bit cute

"Cody, Canada" He spoke pushing his hand out and i blushed

"Lucy, New York" I shook his hand and he smiled a little more

"Nice name, fits a pretty girl like you"

I felt my blush heat up, causing me to look down


He looked through the book shelf and grabbed a book

"This is a great book, you should read it"

I looked at the cover, to find an elegant black cover with gold engraving

"It seems nice"

"Well i got to get going, see you around New York"

I bit my lip, smiling slightly from the nice remarks

The bell rung and i jumped, scared of the loud ring

I checked out my book and shoved it in my locker before heading to lunch

I entered, realizing i knew no one here

"Lucy" Dylan called,

and i turned to see him sitting by Harry and a group of boys

I walked over, sitting by Harry and looked at my brother

"How's your day been?" I asked and he shrugged


I nodded and looked around, seeing Cody looking at me

He winked and turned back to chatting with his friends

"I see you met Cody" Harry spoke, and i sighed

"Uhm yeah, he started talking to me out of no where"

I spoke and he chuckled

"Has to be friendly all the time, doesn't he"

"Whats that suppose to mean?"

I asked confused and he shrugged

"He's the player, Harry's the bad ass, kinda enemies"

A guy with tattoo's , and dark skin with a black quiff


It was disapointing to hear, but seamed kinda true

He did look like the type of guy

I turned to harry to see a anger in his eyes

But didnt say anything

Since it was my first day

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