Harry always felt empty, even when the boys were around. When a new girl named Lucy moves to his school during senior year. He fancies her, but his school rivalry tries to take her away from him. He realizes her talent, and she realizes his. What will happen?


6. Lunchtime

"Is Harry not here?" I asked and Zayn shrugged

"I havnt seen him, but im sure he's fine"

He spoke, and took a bite of his burger

"Well i needed to talk to him" I spoke and he shrugged

"Why, is he your little boyfriend?"

Dylan asked and in the corner of my eyes, Zayns veins began to pop

"Sup lad, who's this lovely lady?"

A blonde boy with blue eyes spoke and sat next to zayn

"If you were here, youd know that this was Lucy,and thats here brother Dylan.

There from new york, and they got here a week ago"

"Nice to meet such a pretty lady"

I smiled and my cheeks became red.

"Thank you" I spoke and he nodded

I felt my phone vibrate and took it from my pocket


'Meet me after school at my house xoxo'

I sighed and closed my phone and sighed

"Ima go get my food" I spoke


I exited 9th period and began leaving the school to my car

"HEY! Lucy!" I heard Zayns voice call out and turned

"Oh hey" I smiled warmly and he chuckled

"So i was wondering if you wanted to go with me to see my gran tonight"

I giggled and nodded "I love old people"

He smirked and opened his arms for a hug

"Bye, see you tommorow"

I spoke and he nodded before running off

"Seem's like everyones right" Dylan spoke, catching up to me

"What do you mean?"I asked, nudging him playfully

"Everyone wants you, even the girls"

I shook my head and looked at him

"Thats not true" I spoke and he sighed

"Well ask anyone" He said throwing his bag in my car

"Lets just leave this subject alone"

He groaned and flopped on his seat

It was an awkward ride home, since no one talked

As we drove up he looked at me, just staring

"Why are you looking" I asked and he smirked

"Because you like Harry, and you just met him"

He sighed and then slouched back

"But Zayn likes you"

"What makes you think that?"

"You ask to many questions" He spoke and undid his seatbelt

"Lets go in" He spoke grabbing his stuff

"Actually, i have to do something"

He looks at me with a goofy smirk

"Were gonna talk that's it"

He nodded and I stuck my tongue out at him

"Bye, he quickly got out and ran to my house

I got out of my car and knocked on Harrys door

"Hello?" I called out, patiently waiting for an answer

"Coming" Harrys faint voice called he opened the door, and greeted me with a warm smile

"Come in" He spoke, smiling cutely

"How was school" He asked and I sighed

"Alright" I spoke, setting down my bag

"So do you wanna hang out today?" He asked and I frowned

"Actually Zayn and I were going to go see his gran"

I spoke, looking  for my phone

"Zayn? When did you guys start talking?" He asked coldly

"Since we met" I spoke, like it was obvious

"Well...I think you should still hang out with me"

"I already promised him" I spoke and he huffed

"Fine go" He spoke, not acknowledging me

"Harry don't be like that

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