Harry always felt empty, even when the boys were around. When a new girl named Lucy moves to his school during senior year. He fancies her, but his school rivalry tries to take her away from him. He realizes her talent, and she realizes his. What will happen?


4. Bakery

I walked out of 8th period, looking down the halls

My locker was down the hall, which was the way i was heading

As i aproached my locker, i saw a tall thick male figure standing there

"Cody?" I asked and he turned, smiling down at me

"Hey, wanna go somewhere, anywhere?"

He asked confidently and i sighed

"Actually i have to get home, my mom needs to me to unpack"

He bit his lip and nodded

"Can i take you home?" He asked

I opened my mouth to speak, but was cutt off

"She's got a ride with me"

I turned to see Harry standing there, with his hands in his pocket

"Oh..." He spoke, smirking because he didnt want to laugh

"Okay, goodbye"

I sighed in relief when i saw him turn the corner

"Thank you" I spoke, with a slight giggle

"Your welcome"

He made a slight smile and threw his arm around me

He ruffled through my hair 

My hair became a matted mess and i tickled him

He then pulled back in laughter, holding his elbow to his side

"How'd you know?" He asked, smirking and walking beside me

"Lucky guess" i spoke and he chuckled, nudging me

"So do you need a ride?"

He asked and i sighed

"I dont really want to go home" I spoke, fixing the strap of my bag

"Let me hold that" He spoke, picking it up from my shoulder

"Thanks" I spoke and we reached the doorway of the school

"Im heading over to the bakery, wanna come with?" 

He asked and i smiled



"So you work here?" We drove up to the place and turned off the engine

"Yeup, i get money" He spoke, making me chuckle

We entered and a couple of mature lady's greeted harry 

"Who is this lovely lady?" A blonde lady with glasses asked

"This is a girl from america, lucy"

The girls all exchanged glances, smirking

"Well she is beautiful" 

"Thank you " I spoke, blushing from her compliment

"Can she help out today?" He asked and the girls all cheered

"A day off, yes!" They took off their aprons and grabbed thier coats

"Honey you guys take over" A lady with glases and short brown hair spoke

"Ok" Harry said confused and i giggled as they charged out the door

"I guess its just us" He spoke grabbing an apron


"Its time to lock up" Harry announced

I nodded, and began to untie my apron

"want anything before we go?" He said evily

"Can we?"

"They wont know" He said, crawling sneakily to the milkshakes

I giggled and looked out the window on watchout

I heard harry laughing while screaming and turned to see him on his back 

He was holding his stumache laughing hard

"I dropped my milkshake" He spoke and i sighed

"You scared me "I yelled and he smirked and i held my chest

"Now lets go, mamma needs some rest"

He shook his head and stood up

"Yeah, lets go"

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