Emma and her friends are finally in college. Although she thought it was going to be the best time, she gets a strange attraction to a "dangerous" boy. Harry Styles.

Graphic parts in the story

Harry Styles Fanfiction


11. Kiss In The Dark

I opened the door of my dorm slowly, hoping that no one would hear me leave. I didn't anyone knowing I was going out at night. I don't want another Christian stalking me all the time. I headed towards the side entrance closest to the girls' dorm rooms. I opened the door with barely a sound. I strolled down the side of the large building to the front. As i turned the corner I heard a familiar laugh in the distance. I took step back. Does he come out every night? I peeked my head to make sure I was right. Sure enough, Harry was there talking to someone on his phone. I wanted to call out to him. Should I? Maybe not. I've spent so much time involving Harry in everything and I need a break. I stepped out from the corner and walked quietly past him. I started down the road unsure of where to go. Should I just go get coffee? Christian was there last time, so maybe not. I stopped as I made out a playground in the dark. No one seemed to be there, so why not? There's nothing else to do. I walked into the playground and sat up on a small hill next to a tree. "You come here often?" I jumped up quickly only to be greeted by Harry. "Did you follow me?" I asked a little creeped out. "No. I come here every night. Exact spot. You must of followed me." Harry said laying down and staring at the stars. "How would I have followed you if I came first?" I asked defending myself. "Stalker..." Harry mumbled under his breath. "Shut up!" I said playfully hitting his arm. Harry barely moved as if he didn't feel the hit. "Anyways, why did you come out tonight?" He asked keeping his eyes on the stars. Why did I? I had no reason really. "I got bored." I answered sitting next to him. "Mhm... Isn't that what all stalkers say?" Harry asked chuckling at his own joke. "No." I said. Harry sat up for once and looked at me. "No seriously, why did you come out here? You never do. I would see you leave." He said staring straight into my eyes. "I don't know. I just kind of left." I said shrugging. "Why do you come out?" I asked. "No one else comes out. Its quiet and I can be me." Harry said looking up at the stars again. Wait, what? He can be himself. I really think I've seen the real side of him, but its not bad. Why would he hide himself? I felt his eyes watch me, pulling me away from my thoughts. Harry leaned closer to me and pressed his soft lips against mine. The butterflies in my stomach were exploding now, making me feel sparks. Usually, I'd want to stop him, but I didn't this time. It felt different. Like I wanted this kiss to happen all along. Harry pulled away and I could see he was blushing a little. "Sorry. I-" Without thinking I pressed my lips against his. The kiss felt right, but at the same time wrong. I wanted to stop, but I didn't. I pulled away surprised that I kissed him. "Well... I wanted to ask you if we can be a couple?" Harry asked. I smiled a little. Maybe being with him was right.

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