Emma and her friends are finally in college. Although she thought it was going to be the best time, she gets a strange attraction to a "dangerous" boy. Harry Styles.

Graphic parts in the story

Harry Styles Fanfiction


2. Homeroom

I entered my dorm room and saw Ashley. I sighed in relief.Thank god I didn't have some girl I knew nothing about. I set my bag down and began to put folded clothes into draws. I put some makeup in the bathroom and my shoes under the bed. Just as I finished I heard the bell for homeroom. I jumped up and grabbed my bookbag and rushed out the door. Ashley wasn't in my homeroom. None of my friends were. I entered the classroom just in time. There was only one seat available. It was in between a girl who seemed to be texting and a boy resting his head. I sat down and put my bag down next to me. "Alright! This is your first or even second year of college! I need to set the rules because some of you didn't understand last year. If you fail this class, I will not just pass you like your highschool teachers did! I will fail you. It's your or your parents' money being waisted. Not mine!" The professor said loudly. The boy next to me lifted his head and I turned to look at him. he had brown curls and green eyes. Harry. I turned my head quickly away from him. Just my luck. The worst kid possible to be in my class. I glanced over at him again. He had a lot of tattoos filling up his right arm. His other arm only had a few. "What?" Harry asked looking at me. I looked down. "Nothing." I said. Harry smirked and bit his lip. I looked towards the professor. Harry better not get any ideas. Harry tapped the desk with his fingers and stared at me. "Take a picture it'll last longer." I said looking at him. "No. I'm good. I just know something." he said smirking even more. I rolled my eyes. "Just stop staring." I said looking back at the professor. Homeroom ended pretty quickly. I grabbed my bag and began to leave the class. However, in the corner of my eye I saw Harry watching me. I began to walk faster, but he followed me now.

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