Emma and her friends are finally in college. Although she thought it was going to be the best time, she gets a strange attraction to a "dangerous" boy. Harry Styles.

Graphic parts in the story

Harry Styles Fanfiction


8. A Lot of Explaining About Everything

I didn't want to explain anything, yet information began spilling out from the very first day. I told Ashley about how Harry went from being a dick, to being a total sweetheart. I told her about the night I went out and how Harry stopped Christian that night. Ashley listened carefully during every detail. The only time she really showed emotion was when I told her about how I was feeling towards Harry. However, she just looked confused. Each event played out in my head. The night, every time I was called a slut, and today's lunch. By the time I finished my story I noticed we skipped a period. I looked up at her. Ashley looked back at me as if she was trying to comprehend everything that I told her. She finally nodded slowly showing she understood. "You need some time to relax, to clear you head. Maybe you should go to the diner with your mom or skip a day. Do something that doesn't have to do with drama. And your feelings towards Harry are up to you to decide if they are good or bad. Natalie, Olivia, Maria, and I aren't going to judge you. Trust me." She said picking up her book bag so she could go to her next class. I nodded slowly. "What about Christian? He is going to keep twisting up the story and I am not going to be able to stop him." I said worried everyone is going to start harassing me. "Don't worry. He is in my class. I'll deal with him if he tries anything. You never know, maybe Harry beat some sense into him." Ashley said making me smile. I walked into the bathroom and wiped away my messed up makeup. "Ashley!" I called. Ashley walked into the bathroom. "Thanks." I said. Ashley smiled back. "No problem, but hurry up! You have 5 minutes to get to class." She said walking out of the bathroom. I quickly put the last touches on my makeup and ran back to my bed to grab my book bag. I ran out the door and down the long hallway. I entered my class, just before the late bell rang. I took my seat next to Harry. "Are you ok?" He asked. I nodded paying barely any attention to him. I focused on the professor as he began the lesson. I glanced slightly at Harry. He seemed sad that I wasn't paying any attention to him. "Thanks." I said softly. Harry looked up at me happily. "For what?" He asked. I smiled. What an idiot. "For stopping Christian." I answered. Harry smiled at me. "Only for you." He said winking and turning back to the teacher.

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