come dance with me

Sequel to Up all night. Olivia Higgins is in her senior year of high school with her best friend Jordan and her new boyfriend Frank. Homecoming is coming up and they are part of the committee. The entire school wants One direction to perform at the dance. Her uncle, Paul Higgins, the tour manager/ “babysitter” for one direction is going to an invention convention with Olivia's father, George. Jordan has a secret, that her best friend doesn't even know. Niall and the boys return with Paul. Will Niall and Olivia pick up where they left off? Or be too busy with homecoming? Will Jordan tell her secret? Or Frank and Jordan's relationship end? Will Ashley go back to her old ways? Or be the sister Jordan wants? Will homecoming be a disaster or a perfect night?


1. school starts

Olivia's POV

It's August. The new school year is starting. I turned 17 last Wednesday. I am a senior. I am co-vice-president of the homecoming this year. My best friend, Jordan is President, if it weren't for her i wouldn't be a part of it. "Hey, Olive" said Jordan. Olive is my nickname for her. My name is Olivia. "Hey JoJo" I said. "Are you going to the meeting?" She said. "Do I have a choice?" She laughed. We walked towards the gym where the meeting for the Homecoming dance was taking place. Inside was multiple flat mats that were folded up to be used as seats. They were all in a circle shape. There were 5 boys and 3 girls sitting. One boy was Frank, Jordan's Boyfriend for 2 months. Frank is my co-vice-president. "Now that we are all here let's begin," said Frank, "Pumpkin" which he calls Jordan. I sat down with the others, next to Frank. Jordan was standing next to me. "This year I want the dance to be very special," she started. "Everyone was annoyed because every single president says that when they show their idea. "It will be good this time, guys, because this year, one direction will be the entertainment." "Wait, what?!" I said "Great idea,"said simon. "I Loooove it" said Amber. "And" said Jordan, I tried tapping Jordan to get her attention. "the theme is starry night." "Is that like stars and night theme" said Frank. "Yes," said Jordan. " I love stars!" said Frank who looked Jordan into the eyes. "I know you do," she said as she grew closer to him. They were about to kiss. Simon interrupted. "Ah-hem" said Simon, " can we get back to talking about the dance." I was so annoyed with Jordan not listening. I jumped up and grabbed her hand and pulled her aside.

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