Flower power

something bad happened something she could not control what's gonna happen? will she survive? well read this my lovely minions to find out


1. my story

my name is Rachel my story is one I or we my family, will never forget. It was 1975 we were out on a car journey to our holiday home in France when something terrible happened. My dad was driving my mum in the passenger seat and then me and my brother in the back. It was like one minute im there and the next I was not. My dad looked to right of the car and sore something, something turning. What was it? and the next thing we knew that spinning thing was car and it rammed in to the back of ours. We cried, yelled, screamed as our car lots control and rammed into the car in front. Before we knew it everything was over but. Not everything was as sweet as before we were stranded and injured especially me. All I remember is people standing round me and my brother, dad and mum all sitting next to me sobbing there eyes out I did not have a clue why as everything went blurry and then I saw flashing lights and people carrying me somewhere - somewhere strange. But now I do. I get lonely just lying here nothing to do. The one thing that really cheers me up though is when my brother, mum and dad come and visit me as they read me books, play my music, talk to me and turn the TV on. Even though I cant see or move I can hear and feel everything and I tend to get very frustrated at this. Especially when the doctors talk about me and poke some more needles into me like I am not here. I wish I could wake up but something is stopping me. I feel like it is pulling me into my dreams. Punishing me for something. But why? The one thin I do like is when the nurse comes in nurse Sophie is her name and she puts blankets on me to keep me warm cleans my wounds and talks to me. I am getting tired off I go  into one of my crazy dreams agains.

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