Broken Barrier

The barrier broke and fire has invaded the arena... what would have happened to Katniss if she didn't get on the ship and stayed put in the hands of the Capitol?


1. Broken Barrier

            I knew the sparks dancing around my body weren’t just my eyes playing tricks on me. This was for real, and I was in danger… but however bad this danger was, it was sure to be no where near as bad as when the Capitol got their hands on me. Somehow, I’d get out of here. Somehow, I’d reach my loving family and escape the menacing hands of President Snow.

            But how? I couldn’t feel a single bone in my body, and even if I could I’d be in no fit state to run the miles up to district 12. And Peeta… what would happen to him? As I was hit by numerous amounts of realisations I hardly noticed the twitching in my leg leading to smooth movement. I let out a cry of pain as I tried to roll around my ankle, taking in the piercing agony. Suddenly my body was sent up into the air by a deafening bang, so I turned over and leapt up before it begun to rain trees.

            As expected, I suffered from nothing but great difficulty and torment. My joints were as stiff as rock crunching at the slightest of movement, but after just a short period of time, I felt back to my normal self. Still, blood poured out of my arm like a tipped jug of red liquid, I flashed a quick glance at the wound to check any sort of progress.. my eyes turned away naturally at the deadly gore.

            Branches dropped like feathers as I swurved around tree to tree. Twigs scraped against my shedding layers of skin while heavy logs missed me by an inch as I dodged away from the wooden cylinders.

            A soft buzzing sound entered my ears as I headed towards my imaginary comfort zone. Wind ran across my wounded arm teasing it with a soothing aid. The Capitol I confirmed to myself. They’ve came, and now they’re going to take me away. Through the cracks in the leaves I saw a string drop down from the sky to cradle a weakened body, before soon torturing them to speak nothing but the truth. But what could they possibly know that could help the Capitol?

            The sprawled out body dangled across the net, arms and legs hanging around the sides of the sterdy string. It was long and masculin, body with strong muscles decorating the upper arms.

            ‘Finnick!’ I instantly screamed, understanding completely that it wouldn’t help anymore than staying silent. Despite aiming an arrow at his head, I stilled admired and cared about Finnick, and would never want him to be stuck there in the Capitol for ever more. He didn’t deserve it.

            Dirt pounced up into my eye, presumably threw by the roots of the leaning tree, holding onto it’s friend for vital support. Flashes of emerald green blocked my view as I was transported back into the real word where my only aim was to get the hell out of there. From, what I understood, there was nothing outside of the bloodthirsty prison. Nothing anyone but the gamemakers had ever discussed. If anyone knew, they could track down the arena and watch the action right in front of their eyes.

Although I was still a while away from the end, I had to start preparing for what was to come. It could continue the forest theme, or turn into a savanna for all I knew. I was armed with little – my bow, and a spile. At least I had a way to reach water and kill anything that tried to stop me… that’s if I made it.

            The wind grew faster,  pushing my whole body to the side. Murky grey rope tangled in the mess of the trees, using every bit of power it had to get its filthy hands on me. Turns out my speed won as I left the collision behind, not daring to look back. Nothing good would come out of eye contact.

The thrill of not getting caught took over me – somehow it brought back the days as a mischievious child, before the dark days begun... my farthers death leaving us flat, starving to death with no proper support from my mother. She might has well been dead herself – the position would’ve been no different.

Looking back at it now, it didn’t seem so bad. After all I’d been and was going through, it turned out worse was happening around the world, I just wasn’t opening my eyes and seeing it. District 12 was no where near as bad as 11, with no freedom at all to do anything. It was sickening to remember the visit, I was the very reason that old man died. I was the reason two others followed after. Nothing I ever do will make up for my action, that speech. I learnt my lesson that day, but they didn’t have a chance to learn theirs.


Hours worth of time went by when I decided to rest. The net had tried to capture me an additional six times then just suddenly stopped. On the second time it finally pushed its way through the trees, managing to swipe the corner of my right arm. Since then I’ve been glancing over my right shoulder, waiting for it to come and creep up on me and pull me up into the layer. Even though I have these thoughts, something’s told me that it’s gone. After the sixth time, the wind died down to a natural speed. Any tension in the air has disappeard, and there are no longer any signs of the hovering craft. Lonliness crept through me as I considered that it would just be me and my fire for ever more… something I could live with.

Suddenly my nostrils opened up and I took in the hint of metallic fumes.

I sat up and off my bench – a fallen tree from the car chase – and headed in the direction, wondering what it could be. Bursts of light crept into the darkness of the wood, so I covered my eyes to protect myself. Still many feet away from the beams of light, I stopped walking and considered what it could be.

‘The edge of the arena’, I whispered.

I was going to die at some point here, it was best to make it fast. Therefore I begun to walk again, the twigs snapping vigorously beneath my feet as I stepped slowly. One foot, two foot I silently told myself, approaching what could be my potential death.

My body was on complete alarm, flinching at the movement. A leaf swirled gently from a charcoled tree brushing down my lower chest, I jumped back collapsing onto the ground after tripping over a small branch. I felt the breeze created by my fall fly past me as I lay there, waiting from my alarm to wake me up. Nothing happened, so I played my own alarm shooting upwards and sprinting towards the opening imbetween the two trees. As I drew near, my mind begun to play tricks on me as the scenery became more clear.

I shaped out the different sections, not believing my eyes.

Before I knew it, I was in the middle of the two trunks which bent and arched above my head. This was it, the area I’d been waiting for… I looked ahead. It wasn’t anything I’d expected or imagined.

Piles and piles for miles ahead. My eyes were widened, and my lower lip dropped down. Everything was a blur as I became light headed, hearing voices screaming my name, feeling the hope that they weren’t going to get.

‘Katniss!’ This time it was for real, as a voice I’d heard many times before as they bellowed out my name. I spun around not thinking twice.

‘Peeta!’ I screamed.

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