You make me feel like

My name is Allison. For four years I've been locked in a house together with a kidnaper. Now I have escaped, but when I come out from the policestation I'm starting to think of my friends and family. Well, I've got no gamily left. My mom and dad died and I have no connected. That's when I first thaught of it: What if my friends has forgot me? What if I don't know anybody in the village anymore. It was four years ago. Now I am 22. what is my friends has moved out from their houses?


2. 2

Allison's POV

I called my old friend Samantha.


S: ALIIIII! Are you out of jail?

A: Yes! I am!


A: Yeah, well. I wnated to ask wich friends does still live in D-Cast?

S: Well, not many. Just Louis. He's the only one.

A: Oh! Yeah, Louis my crush. You remebah?

S: Yeah, to well.

A: Foes he live at the same place?

S: Yes, but his parents has moved.

A: Well, I'll go meet him. Bye!

S: Bye Al!

End of conversation.

I drove to Louis's house and knocked on the door. Louis opened.

"Alison? Is that you?" He said with a huge smile.

"It's me! I heard you were the only friend I have left here in D-cast." I said and hugged him. Butteflies in my stomage was showing. I guess i was still inlove with him.

"Yeah! Come in." He said.

"Same old place." I said sitting down on the couch.

"New stuff though." Louis said and I chuckled.


"You know Alison? I had a huge crush on you begore you left to jail." And now. I thaughted.

"Whaaat? I had one on you!" Alison said and chuckled. Her laugh was beautiful. Then I decided to say it. Now or never.

"You know what; I have a crush on you now to..." I said staring on the floor. Her hand took my chin and putted it up. Before I knew her lips were on mine on they moved in sync. We pulled away.

"I have one on you to. By the way, Your lips are amazing." She said and took my mobile and wroted something. Then she just walked out of my house. I checked my mobile and I had one new contact; Hottieeee xxx

I laughed.

Message To; Hottieeee xxx

Your contact name is really you. Alison, you're HOT. ;)

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