Cousin is a story about a girl named gagandeep who lives in Los Angeles California she is in love with one direction especially zayn but one day she finds out something that will change her life forever...... Will she find love? With who? Will it last? Read to find out
May contain swearing and sexual scenes.... Please don't copy this is my hardwork @gagandeepmalik


7. the match

Gagandeep pov: I went Inside and changed into my school soccer jersey and the short black shorts that came with it. I then took of all my jewelry including my earrings. Then I slid in my long black socks and my soccer kletes. I put my hair in a ponytail and walked out. Wow Harry said she looks ready to take u on boobear I giggled oh u don't even know. I told him ur forgetting your shinguards love Liam said typical daddy direction I thought. I don't need them I told him woah damn she's ready to take u on foreals Niall told louis. Oh yes I am. We drove to the park with they boys betting on who was gonna win. We got to the park and they all sat in the benches except me and louis we stood on the field smirking at each other. Liam was the referee he put the ball in the middle of us and backed up he blew his whistle louis was pulling up his sock and was surprised I took advantage and started kicking the ball towards louis goal. He snapped out of his daze and began running after me. He came and tried to trip me but failed I turned around and scored. Adriana and Harry began to cheer so did zayn louis and Niall and Liam were just star struck on how I did that to louis. At the end I won 25 to 0. I just learned a very valuable lesson louis said what is that Liam asked never under estimate a girl especially if they are like Gagandeep I chuckled and playfully slapped his arm. Ow he yelped i fell on that arm . I began having a laugh attack they just stared at me when I got up like nothing happened. As we were walking to the car I saw a familiar face it was Lela an old friend. Lei I yelled the girl whipped around gagan she yelled we ran towards waving at other and hugged tightly I missed you she told me I turned around to the boys this is my old friend Lela wow it's one direction she said long story short zayn is my cousin and they all came to visit I said oh she replied louis stepped forward and shakes her hand I'm louis he said kissing her hand which made her blush Lela but u can call me lei she said louis nodded and smiled cheekily

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