Cousin is a story about a girl named gagandeep who lives in Los Angeles California she is in love with one direction especially zayn but one day she finds out something that will change her life forever...... Will she find love? With who? Will it last? Read to find out
May contain swearing and sexual scenes.... Please don't copy this is my hardwork @gagandeepmalik


8. meeting Lela

Louis POV: everyone sat down in a circle and started talking about themselves, Lela started Gosh she was so beautiful her long brownish hair and her pretty eyes her light skin she was my perfect dream my perfect princess" well," she stated " my name is Lela and I'm 19 I'm very sporty I like to play soccer and love one direction" "like me!" Gagandeep yelled everyone began to laugh "so what should we do next?" I asked everybody "hang out here" Niall suggested everyone nodded I eyed Harry and he got the message

Harry pov: louis gave me the look to tell me that I need to ask gagandeep on a date. I slowly walked to her everyone but her were in on the plan we had told Lela when gagandeep wasn't paying attention I cleared my throat "hello beautiful" I said she turned red and said "hi Harry" " um I was wondering if you know you wanted to go somewhere with me tonight like in a date," she blushed and said "sure" "Kay we will leave at 7". She nodded and ran upstairs to get ready. Lela and Adriana ran along with her squealing and giggling.

Gagandeep POV:"omfg HARRY styles just asked me on a date " I yelled "OMG congrats " Adriana said " yeah have fun now lets get u ready"Lela said I took a quick shower and shaved I put on a nice right black dress with black heels. Lela and Adriana started on my hair it was naturally straight so they curled it then they put lipstick on my lips and blush on my cheeks. They put eyeliner mascara and eyes shadow on me as well. I grabbed a small black clutch bag and put my phone some money and lipstick In it. I looked at the time 6:56 we walked downstairs and I saw Harry in black skinny jeans and a white v neck with his white converse "wow" he said totally awe struck I blushed " are you ready to go" he asked I nodded my head yes and we walked out of the door

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