Cousin is a story about a girl named gagandeep who lives in Los Angeles California she is in love with one direction especially zayn but one day she finds out something that will change her life forever...... Will she find love? With who? Will it last? Read to find out
May contain swearing and sexual scenes.... Please don't copy this is my hardwork @gagandeepmalik


20. just a normal day?

Gagandeep pov:

It had been a week since Harry and I had moved into our new home. I woke up to see Harry's sexy abs, oh lord I think I just got a bit wet . "Hey babe!" Harry said. "Morning!!!" I replied cheerfully. "I'm gonna go take a shower, alright?" I told him. "Okay he replied. He seemed busy on his phone, probably one of the boys. I took a shower and got dressed in a random shirt and some tights with uggs. I also put on the diamond stud earrings I barely take off. By the time I was done putting my hair into a messy bun I grabbed my phone and walked to the kitchen to see Harry had gone somewhere. He had left me some breakfast and left a note saying: " I'll be back in a few, eat this. I love you see you soon. xxharry" I smiled and ate the food he left me. I washed the remaining dishes and sat on the couch Turing on the tv to random cartoons.i picked up my phone and texted Lela asking if Harry was there. She replied " no but he said he'd be back in a few." Just then the door opened and Harry yelled my name. I ran over because I missed him the last hour. He had bags from some petco and a little carrier. He smiled and set everything down. I stepped forward once curiously but cautiously. Harry pulled me into a hug with his face buried in my hair. He pecked my lips and murmured "I missed you in the last hour!" I smiled against his lips and said "I missed you too." We pulled away and he bent down and slowly picked up the carrier case. He carefully pulled out a little bundle of something alive and put the case back down. As he brought it close to me I found out it was a Labrador puppy. "Awe! Harry it's so adorable!" I shrieked. Stepping forward to take the squirming puppy out if Harry's arms so I could cradle it. "It's a boy, what do you want to name it?" He asked "I think billu, because I used to have a Doberman pincher as a kid and his name was billu." I replied. "Anything my princess wants to name him is great!" He chuckled as he watched me play with the puppy which was about 1-2 months old. Harry began to take the things out. He had gotten a leash and a collar, puppy toys, a food and a water bowl as well as puppy food. He had bought soap to give him a bath, and a little brush. "Awe Harry you got everything! I told him. He smiled and we began setting up the little place where he would sleep in a corner by the couch. Harry had bought a dog bed and little blankets, I set them up perfectly so he could get into them. Billu was a small yellow lab, which I said before was about 1-2 months old. He was so small and adorable. We continued playing with him, as Harry texted everyone to come over. Niall and Adriana volunteered to get the tag made to put on his collar. "He's like our little baby, isn't he?" Harry asked with an adorable smile, that showed his amazing dimples. "Yes, he is, that is until we actually have babies." I said "ohh I can't wait to see an baby gagandeep and a little Harry!" He replied with a huge smile. "Neither can I!" I said excitedly but that would have to wait a year or two, I was only 18, and Harry, well he's 20 so yeah. Harry was laying on the floor playing with the puppy, when I pounced on him. I layed there on him with a smile on my face, as Harry grinned. I got off and picked up billu, and began cuddling him. Harry took out his phone and took a picture, posting it on instagram and tagging me in it. He captioned new member of the fam!♡ "hey I wanna cuddle too!"he said to me with a puppy dog face. "Sorry, but I don't think there's enough room!" Harry grabbed billu gently and set him down. I gulped. Harry's smirk grew as he grabbed me and enveloped me in a hug, and began to cuddle me I giggled and squealed. That's when the doorbell rang. Harry and I raced to open it and sadly, Harry won. Before he opened the door he whispered, "we will continue that tonight!" He opened the door and we greeted everyone, well actually we all ran to the living room to play with billu being the immature people we are. Harry and I sat on the couch with me on his lap. Niall put the tag on billu'a collar and put it on him. Billu yapped and jumped onto ni's lap. "He likes you nialler!" I told him he chuckled, "who wouldn't love this adorable Irish boy?" He asked with a huge grin. We all laughed and played with billu. Around 5 the girls and I set to work making food. The boys sat and watched tv while chatting. They took turns holding Billu. (Bill-oo as in the oo in oovoo.) we made chicken pasta. "So have you and Harry, you know?" Perrie asked with a smile on her face. All the girls looked at me with huge smiles. I blushed," er, um not yet." We chatted a bit more, catching up on what we had missed the few weeks we weren't together. I told them I planned on inviting my family over for dinner and Harry's as well. After we finished, we set the table and called the boys. I put some food and water for Billu, and put it next to the table. We all sat down and began to eat, talking about how their few weeks had been. I couldn't keep my laughter down, when Billu came and begged Niall for food, even though he had his own. Niall had a wierd expression on his face, he couldvt decide weather or not to give it to him. After everyone finished I put the dishes on the dishwasher, and cleaned the table. I had to go for my modeling and designing job interview tommarrow. We all sat down to watch tv, and I sat in Harry's lap again. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close. "I love you." He murmured into my neck. I smiled and said "I love you too." ♡. Around 10 everyone left and once again it was just the three of us. When the left Harry carried me to our room and we made out. Then we um yeah. And went to sleep.

ayyy hey guys! It's me again! Haha anyways I hoped you guys liked this chappie! Feel free to comment below!!! Anyways comment fave and fan me. Kik me At GagandeepBadesha. I love you all!

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