Cousin is a story about a girl named gagandeep who lives in Los Angeles California she is in love with one direction especially zayn but one day she finds out something that will change her life forever...... Will she find love? With who? Will it last? Read to find out
May contain swearing and sexual scenes.... Please don't copy this is my hardwork @gagandeepmalik


14. amusement park part 2❤️

Gagandeep pov: everyone sat down and ordered. That's when I noticed Niall and Adriana holding hands. "Awe!" I said staring at them. " what is it babe?" Harry asked. "Niall and addy!!!" I cooed they both turned red and everyone chuckled.

Perrie pov: I'm happy to be here with zayn! I just love him so much!!😍😘he's perf! And we are engaged I can't wait for the wedding!👰 anyways his cousin gagandeep Is really nice, so are her friends Lela and Adriana. I'm growing really close to gagandeep, she's an amazayn girl LLN! I looked over at Danielle and Liam they were gazing at each other lovingly!💜

Louis pov I think it's time to make my move. After hanging out with Lela, and I think it's time to ask her to be my gf!💛 I cleared my throat and moved to face Lela. " Lela will you be my girlfriend? I asked nervous she turned red and said:" yes I would love to!" With a huge smile on her face. We leaned in and kissed I felt the sparks flying like crazy.

Lela pov: OMG louis just asked me out!!! We both took out our phones and updated ourselves as taken on our social networks! We held hands and chatted as we ate. After everyone ate we got ready to go on the rides.

Harry pov: I was so happy to be with gagandeep. As we were walking to a ride, a few fans came up to me screaming and giggling. They asked for autographs and one of them glared at gagandeep. Gagandeep just looked down and smiled at the others. " eww your ugly!" The girl who glared at her said. " Amy! Your horrible don't say that she's beautiful, another said. I smiled at the other girl and wrapped my arm around gagandeep's waist pulling her closer and kissing her cheek. The girls awwed and gagandeep blushed. We walked away and I told her" your beautiful to me no matter what!" She blushed and said "thanks Harry I love u so much!" "But I love you more!" I told her she smiled and said "sure!"

TIME SKIP!!! Gagandeep pov:Everyone got in the limo to go home the girls chatting about their day. We got home and brushed and changed into our pjs. Harry and I laid down me in my shorts and tank and him in only his boxers. " it's almost your birthday!" He told me " I know I said with a smile but louis is first!" " yerp!!" He said I kissed his lips and he wrapped his arm around me.

Vas happenin guys! OMG sorry I haven't updated in a while soccer softball and school keep me busy. Also the other day I found out louis and Harry are in Los Angeles gotta go stalk them LLN! Anyways today jam 25 is my only nieces first birthday so in updating this on my way there!!! I love her so much! Anyways payzer is still together in my mind! Did I hear about Sofia maybe being pregnant?! OMG anyways thanks comment fan and vote please!! Kik me at GagandeepBadesha

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