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When Macy escapes from her home and Louis Tomlinson (not famous) is finding her and takes her home to take care of her Macy's life is turning around.

Copyright (C) 2013
Tizze1D, Movellas


1. Chapter One ~

"Macy Lee Calm! Come down here!" My dad yelled angrily. I started pack my bag and then I threw it out of the window. I was going to jump when my dad came into the room.

"Macy! F*ck you!" He shriked. And then I jumped. All I remeber after that is that I had got an extremely hedache and when I was a couple pf quarters away I just fell.

"Hey! Wake up!" Someone's smooth voice said. I wanted to tell I'm okay, but I couldn't say anything. Suddenly I felt his lips on mine, doing lips to lips just for giving me breath. I started breath and he pulled away. Suddenly I could open my eyes. When I did I saw the most beautiful face in a million years.

"Hey, what's your name?" He said.

"M-Ma-Macy-y." I stammered. He smiled.

"What a nice name. You mind if I take you to my place just to make sure everything's okay?"


He took me up bridal style while carrying my bag att the arm. He was strong.

When we arrived at his place he layed me at his bed and walked to the closet. He threw of his shirt and I couldn't help but stare.

"Like what you see, eh?" He smirked and I blushed.

The boy had cleaned my hurtings and he was still with bare chest.

"So, what's you name?" I asked carefully.

"Louis, Louis Tomlinson to be exact.

Why did you run from home?" He asked curious.

I gulped and tears started form in my eyes.

"Hey hey, don't cry girl. I ain't gonna let nobody hurt you."

"W-well. In all this years, my hole life, I've veen abused by my parents. And tonight I felt it was enough."

"You did right babygirl." He said and stroked me my cheek. He took me in his arms and I layed my hed at his chest. "Goodnight."

I was woke up by someone opening a door. Louis was still asleep, with his bare chest.

"Louboo!" A girly voice said. I heard the footsteps coming at my direction.

"What the hell is this Louis?!" A blonde girl said angrily.

"N-no we just-" i tried to explain.

"No! I don't care about your damn god lies! What the f*ck Louis I thaught we was good, and now you're having sex with another girl?!"

"No, Olivia" he started but got cutted of by himself. "Y'now what Olivia?! I fucking god damn am breaking up with you. Get'a hell out of here, and take you god damn lies with ya!" He shouted.

She slammed the door.

"Sorry for you to here that." Louis said angrily.

"No Babe, it's okay." I said.

Louis's POV

"No babe, it's okay." She said stroking my bare chest. I got butterflies in my stomage with her calling me 'babe' and stroking my BARE skin!?

I guess I'm falling for her. She placed a wet kiss on my chest.

"Good night for a while babe." She said sweet.

"Good night love." I said with a sigh. Not an annoyed sigh, a sigh you leave when you're in love with someone.

That girl is wonderful.

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