Half a heart

"Amber?'' ''Yes?'' ''We always stay together, okay? Whatever happens. And what my mom says I will always love you'' ''I promise''. Niall grabbed me and kissed me on my nose.


2. The text message

Niall P.O.V.


"Pffffff what a day" i said when we were at the hotel. "It was really nice to sing in Holland again" Liam said. "Yeah! It was amazing!" Zayn said. "Tomorrow we've got a Meet and Greet with the winners of the contest" Louis said. "Maybe there is a nice girl for Niall" Harry said with a grin. The boys laughed. I grapped a pillow and threw it at Harry's face. "Hey!" yelled Harry. "Yeah, that's what you get" I said laughing at Harry's face. He grapped a pillow and threw it towards me. But i bent down so the pillow came in Liam's face. "What the......" yelled Liam after he got a pillow in his face. "Pillow fight!!!" yelled Louis and grapped a pillow.


*At Amber's house*


Amber P.O.V.


"Nice that you intend to stay" i said when we were inside. She nodded. We went upstairs to put her stuff in my room. A few seconds later we talk about One Direction. "At what channel is it?" i asked Amanda and i turned on the radio. "Huh? What?" she asked and looked at me like a zombie. "Oohhhhh!" And i slapped myself on the forehead. "The meet and greet with One Direction!" i said impatiently. "Ohhh!! I'm sorry.. Uhmmm....channel 90" she said. "Got it!"
"You are now listening to Q-Music! Hello listeners, are you ready to grab your phones and texting us for the Meet and Greet with One Direction? Hold the tension for a bit longer. First, here's Charlie with the weather" said the man. "Nooooo!!! Do we seriously have to wait for Charlie?!" I yelled. Meanwhile, Amanda quickly grabbed her phone.


Amanda P.O.V.

After that talk of Charlie the weatherman, the other man started talking again. "Welcome back! You are still listening to Q-Music! Grab your phone, because it is time to send a text message to us. And if we call you back it means you've won. Okay are you ready? Text: Meet and Greet to 1355" said the man. I texted as soon as possible and pressed send. "Okay we have a winner" said the man. We waited......and waited........and waited.......when i heard a noise it came from my mobile. "Hello?" i said with a broad smile. "Hello sweetie, this is grandma" I stared with my mouth open to Amber. I can't believe it that we didn't win the Meet and Greet with One Direction. "What's wrong?" Amber asked. "Sorry grandma, I'm with a friend right now" i said with a red head and hung up. "We didn't win did we?" Amber asked disappointed. "No" i said and looked down. Amber turned off the radio and said:"Let's go to bed" "Good idea" i replied and we went to get ready. "Good night" i said. "Good night" Amber replied.








































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