Half a heart

"Amber?'' ''Yes?'' ''We always stay together, okay? Whatever happens. And what my mom says I will always love you'' ''I promise''. Niall grabbed me and kissed me on my nose.


4. Meeting OneDirection

Niall P.O.V.

'Get up, boys!!!' i called gaping and tried to wake the boys. After I woke them up, i went to the bathroom to take a shower. 
*A moment later*
We all got into the car to go to the studio in Amsterdam. 

Amanda P.O.V.

When we arrived in Amsterdam we had a 5 minute walk. 'Look! here it is!' Amber said as we stood in front of a large white building. 'Come!' i called and we ran hand in hand inside. We were helped by a tall man with brown hair in uniform. He accompanied us to a room with chairs and a big poster of One Direction. 'Wait here for a moment' the man said with a smile and shut the door. We looked at each other and grinned. 'I can't believe it' i said. ''Neither do i'' Amber said. 

Louis P.O.V.

'Well, here we are' i said and looked at the big building. 'Hey! Look!' Liam called pointing to one of the windows where two girls were waving. 'Haha there they are' chuckled Niall. When we went in, we were accompanied to a room where two girls were sitting. 

Amber P.O.V.

OMG!!! ONE DIRECTION!!! They walked in and gave us a hug. 'So, how are you ladies?' Niall asked. 'Pretty good' i said with a red head. 'I'm fine too' Amanda said softly. 'Have you also been to our concert?' Harry asked with a smile. 'No, we couldn't get the tickets. They were already sold-out.' I said disappointed. 'Than we will give a mini concert.' Niall said and looked at me. The boys looked at each other first, but quickly started to nod. 'Really? Omg!!!' we shouted in unison. Liam started to sing, Harry after and then Niall:'If i'm louder, would you see me. Would you lay down in my arms and rescue me. Cause we are the same. You save me when you leave it's gone again.' When he sang that, he walked up to me and held my hands. He gave me a kiss on my cheek. 


Niall P.O.V.

When the song was finished, the girls clapped for us. We had a lot of fun with them. I think Istarted to feel something for that girl with blond hair and blue eyes, but i'm not sure. The Meet and Greet ended at two o'clock. We gave the girls a hug. Quickly i gave the girl with blond hair and blue eyes another kisss on the cheek. 'What's your name?' i whispered . 'Amber' she whispered. We walked out of the building and said the girls goodbye. 

*In the evening*

Amber P.O.V.

Omg, Niall gave me a kiss! That was the only thing I could think of right now. When I awoke from my mind, I decided to sleep.



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