Half a heart

"Amber?'' ''Yes?'' ''We always stay together, okay? Whatever happens. And what my mom says I will always love you'' ''I promise''. Niall grabbed me and kissed me on my nose.


12. He found me

Amber P.O.V.

It was my dad. He stand right in front of me. ''So, young lady. Where did you wanted to go?'' ''I-I..I..'' ''Yes?'' ''I...can't say.'' ''Did you wanted to visit your mother?'' I looked with big eyes at him. How did he know? ''Your coming with me, NOW!!!'' ''No, dad!! I can't!!'' ''Why? Because of the Meet and Greet?'' How?.......Ohh no....the paper. ''Dad, it's important.'' ''No, your going home with me.'' ''NO!! DAD!!'' ''Come.'' He grabbed me by my arm and took me away. I resisted, but it didn't work. He's to strong. ''Dad, I have to meet Niall!!!'' ''But you already have met him with the meet and greet.'' ''This is different.'' ''No!'' ''But-'' ''No, Amber. I said NO!'' I couldn't change my fathers mind. I can't do anything to meet Niall. I burst of crying. Dad looked at me, but didn't say anything. We walked to the car, we stepped in it and drove away.

Dad P.O.V.

I was angry, really really angry. ''Amber, how could you just go away without saying anything.'' ''...........'' ''Hey, I'm talking to you!'' ''Because you wouldn't let me go.'' Well she's kind of right. ''But why did you lie to Karen?'' ''I don't know.'' It was quiet. ''You're grounded.'' ''What??!! Noo!! Dad!! You can't!!'' ''Yes I can.'' I saw Amber was looking angry outside. She wasn't grounded if she told me.

Amber P.O.V.

We were home soon. I stepped out of the car and ran to my room. I threw away the wig and cried in my pillow. Now I will never see Niall again. Only on a concert, but he wouldn't see me in a crowded place. What should I do? I love him so much!!!

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