Half a heart

"Amber?'' ''Yes?'' ''We always stay together, okay? Whatever happens. And what my mom says I will always love you'' ''I promise''. Niall grabbed me and kissed me on my nose.


1. Shopping

Amber P.O.V.

I woke up the rays that appeared in my room. I sat up and i looked at the clock, it's eight o'clock in the morning. Why am i awake so early? I lay back and closed my eyes for a moment to dream about Niall. An hour later i woke up again and i started to get ready. Because Amanda comes in the afternoon. I walked downstairs to make breakfast. When i looked at the clock i had one hour until Amanda came. So I killed time by watching TV.

* An hour later*

Then i saw a face behind the window. I laughed. As soon as i can i run to the door. ''Hi'' i said with a smile. ''Hi'' she also said with a smile . ''I'll grab my bike and then we go, okay?" i said pointing to the rear. ''Okay'' she replied. I finally got my bike next to Amanda. '' Are we going?'' she asked laughing. ''What's so funny?'' i asked if I looked weird. ''I'm just glad to see you again'' she said. Then we started to ride to town. 

*Half an hour later*

When we arrived we docked our bikes in the bike shed. We quickly began to look at some shops.

Amanda P.O.V.

I walked past a rack of cute dresses. Then i saw a cool dress. It was black with tiger print. Amber saw me doubtfully looked at the dress. ''That dress looks cool'' she said with a smile. ''Yes, but i don't know if it will suit me'' i said. ''Of course it will, you just have to try it'' she said as she pushed me into a dressing room.
''Okay i got the dress'' i said. ''And?'' she asked. I came out of the dressing room and Amber beamed at me.''Omg Amanda you look wonderfull'' she said with a big smile. I turned around and looked in the mirror. ''Omg it looks really cool'' i said smiling. ''Yeah that's what I said! We should start paying your dress''. I walked back into the dressing room. I paid for the dress and we walked out of the store.

Amber P.O.V.

After a few hours of shopping, we went on a terrace. ''We'll sit there!'' Amanda said and she dragged me. ''O....okay'' i said surprised. We were soon helped and we ordered two Cokes. ''It was so much fun shopping with you'' i said. ''I am also agree'' she said as she looked at all of her clothes. ''Yes indeed'' i thought to myself. When we had our Coke, we cycled back to my home.

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