A New Hope

Justin Bieber, he's famous and needs a friend, just to vent to. that doesn't want to get in his pants, and doesn't care if he is a famous pop star. so that's exactly what he finds. her name is Ellen, but he calls her El. so he wanted someone that wouldn't fall for him... but what if he falls for them?


1. Perfect, And Not My Type

       I'm a becoming pop star I guess you could say. right now I'm at that point where tons of people know who I am, but tons also don't know who I am. right now I want to find a friend, that I can take this journey with. preferably a girl just because I feel like chicks are easier to talk to. I don't want to be one of those stupid stories, and then all of the sudden I'm like whoa I don't know how this happened, but I love you so much will you be mine? barf! No! that will not be happening, so I'm gonna find a girl. That's not my type. I mean she can still be pretty. but you know.

       I was walking in a star bucks when I ran this girl was looking down at a newspaper in one hand, and her iced coffee in the other when she rand strait into my chest. "oh god!" she screamed as she dropped her coffee and newspaper. she looked up at me and covered her mouth with her hand. the coffee was all down my shirt "I am so sorry" she said as she bit her lip 


"ah its fine I just don't really have anywhere to wash it, I'm just staying here for a few days." I said looking down at my shirt

 "well let me make it up to you." she began  "I'll buy you your coffee then you can come to my house and I'll wash it for you?"


I laughed a little "I can buy my coffee, and I'll buy you a new one, but I'll take you up on washing it."


she smiled, licked and bit her bottom lip "deal"  we got our coffee's then we walked out to her car "oh!" she yelled "I'm Ellen by the way" she laughed


"I'm Justin" I smiled


we pulled up to her house. "ok just come up here" she said walking up the steps to her room. She started to go through her closet and she threw me a hoodie "you can wear that while I wash your shirt, sorry it might be a little tight."


"nah its good" I laughed as I slipped my shirt over my head, then put the hoodie on

"she grabbed my shirt of the bed, where I had set it "ok I am just gonna throw this in the wash" she said as she walked out of the room.

Well that was a nice change, someone who didn't know me. and didn't drool over my taking my shirt of. not that there's anything to drool over. I mean I'm 15 and abless. I heard her coming back upstairs. 


"ok! so it is in the washer soo what d you wanna do till then?" she asked


we ended up just watching tv, but we talked and we got to know each other.


"oh that's probably done, I'm gonna go put it in the dryer" she said hopping off the couch "almost done!" she said flopping down

"alright cool! so here" I said handing her my phone "put your number in here so we can hang out sometime"

"ok and here" she said handing me her phone "put yours in mine"

so we swapped numbers. then about an hour later she came up the steps with my shirt. "here ya go biebs!"

"thanks Ellenora!" turns out her name is actually Ellenora, but she doesn't like it.

"ok my newly found pop star friend!" a while after we had been hanging out I told her that I was famous. "have fun at your concert! lemme know how it goes!" she said hugging me

Then I walked out and got a cab back to my hotel.   


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