Where Are You?!

Niall and Alexia haven't seen each other since he left for the X-Factor. She moves to Australia then she realizes that they're coming there on tour! She nuts front row tickets for her and her best friend Tieran. What happens when Alexia, Niall's best friend from kindergarten, starts dating Louis? When Niall confesses his love for her?


6. Tieran and Hazza

Harry's POV

I pretended to be wasted, just to see his far I could get with Tieran. Weve been dating for almost 5 months, and I haven't got to see her in bed, or naked!

After about and hour of making out in the corner of the club she whispered in my ear, "Hazza Bear, let's take this somewhere else..."

I jumped up and into my car drove home as fast as I could Zand as soon as we got home, we started"it"

**Very Sexual***


“Shut up,” he cut across me, and I then I was being laid on my back with Harry on top of me. “Just fucking shut up.”

Harry dipped his head down to capture my lips with his, soft lips on my own, urging me to kiss him back.

My heart beat accelerated, my hands involuntarily moving up to grip his shoulders. His tongue pried my lips open, teasing it across my own and I gasped into his mouth. He moved his hips, dipping them and I felt him against me, already hard. I wondered if it was because of me, because he’d seen me naked. The thought made my cheeks flare up once more.

“I—” I started when he pulled away, but Harry shot me a sharp look.

“Fuck,” he mumbled, his thumbs hooking in the hem of my underwear as he pulled them down my legs. “What part of ‘shut up’ do you not understand?”

His hand cupped me, just like I had prior to this sudden twist of events. His mouth pressed soft, wet kisses along my neck and I purred in my throat, my hands sliding up and down his back, fingers digging into his skin, muscles flexing under my tips as his body moved above mine, kissing my throat and shoulder and collarbones, one hand still cupping my core the other easing one strap of my top down. I gasped when his teeth sunk into my flesh, my own nails raking down his back in response, and he grunted against my skin.

My eyes met his and I sat up slowly, my heart pounding in my ears.

Harry reached for the hem of my top and I raised my arms as he pulled it off me. He kissed me hard, his lips moving against my own, as if both were made of the same mould, fitting perfectly.

I cried out when his mouth engulfed my nipple, tongue swirling against the nub and fell back onto the bed, gasping and shuddering. “God, you’re so wet, Darling.” He almost moaned the words out, reaching down and propping himself on one hand.

“Harry,” was all I could manage, pleading him. I needed him inside me. Taking matters into my own hands, I pushed at him. With a slightly confused frown, he pulled back.


I placed my hands on his chest and pushed at him, and he lay on his back. Knocking his hand away from his cock, I gripped it in my own. Straddling him, I lowered myself into him.

“Oh, baby,” he growled, hands hurriedly gripping the back of my thighs.

And then I was moving, riding him like a wave, up and down and swirling my hips, as Harry gripped me tightly, fingers digging into my flesh almost painfully, but the pain was delicious—something I’d savor and relish and remember forever. He thrust up, his mouth falling open and brow furrowing. I rotated my hips and he let out a strangled noise. His hands moved to my breasts, cupping them in his, squeezing hard and rough.

Harry slid his hands down to my waist and lifted me off of him, and I gasped as he slid from me, feeling suddenly empty inside. The next moment I was being lowered onto his mouth and I cried out, gripping the head board to stop myself from collapsing as he furiously lapped at my wetness. Unable to help myself, I grinded against his pout, and then immediately pulled back.

“Don’t you dare,” he growled, his grip tightening on me, forcing me to stay in place. “Don’t you dare hold back.”

“Harry, oh my God!” I cried out as his lips closed around my clit in a kiss, and I was riding his face, my hips grinding and swirling and moving against his lips, my hands gripping his curls for dear life. His hands squeezed my bum, kneading the flesh in his large fingers, urging me to move against him, to come.

“God, I’m gonna—oh fuck, Kitten,” I mewled, my thighs shaking and attempting to clamp around his face as I raced towards my climax. Harry’s hands were quick to grip my thighs and force them apart and his tongue furiously flicked over my clit, and then I was coming for the second time that night, my back arching, hands reaching back to rest on his chest and dig my nails painfully into his skin and buck my hips against lips, shuddering and gasping and seeing white.

I pulled off his mouth, and the sight before me could have made me cum again if I wasn’t so spent already. His curls were tousled and messy from having been pulled too hard, face flushed, and my wetness around his mouth. He smirked up at me, his thumb tracing the corner of his mouth to wipe some of the moisture from his face, and then he brought it to his lips, sucking his thumb, eyes still on me. He looked hard, still, and it seemed almost painful. There were angry red marks on his chest, where my nails had scratched and dug in too hard.

He sat up, and pulled me to him, and when he kissed me I tasted myself, and I swear nothing was hotter than that.

“Do you think you can take one more for me, Darling?” he asked, nipping at my jaw.

“I don’t know,” I gasped. “I don’t think I—”

“Well,” he said, lowering me onto my back and climbing on top of me again, “I think you can.”

“No, I—Harry—” I started, but was cut off when he entered me suddenly, and with ease due to how wet I still was. “Oh, fuck.”

He began moving within me, his thrusts fast and sloppy, groans tumbling from his mouth as he leaned down and pressed his forehead to mine. His hands fisted the sheets on either side of me as his hips collided with my own, repeatedly so, his hot breath washing over me.

“Once more, Darling,” he growled, his voice shaking, and I could sense he was close. His hand slipped between us and he rubbed my clit, and I howled and arched against him, due to my hypersensitivity. “I know you can, just one more.”

“I don’t—I—oh my fucking—” I couldn’t manage a single coherent sentence as Harry pounded into me, hard and fast, matching the pace of his fingers on my clit. He leaned down and whispered words of encouragement in my ear, along with grunts and groans and profanities and it was enough to make me come for the third time. I squeezed my eyes closed and screamed his names, fingers raking mercilessly down his back, clenching and pulsing around him.

“That’s it, Darling, fuck,” Harry whimpered, his hips moving frantically against mine. He twitched inside me and then he was coming, spurts of white, hot liquid shooting from the tip of his shaft. His mouth fell open, brow pulled in as numerous curses left his pouty lips, along with ‘oh fuck’s, ‘uuhhh, yeah’ and my name. He thrust violently into me till he was absolutely spent, and then collapsed on top of me. “There you have it,” he concluded with a proud grin. “Now shut up and go to sleep.”

“Go sleep in your own room,” I scolded.

“Do you know what shut up means?” he asked me, annoyed. “I don’t think you do.”

“Why don’t you teach me?” I challenged.

Harry looked at me, eyes wide and smirk intact. Wrapping his arm around my waist, he pulled me to him, nuzzling his head in the crook of my neck. “One of these days,” he said, “I will. Don’t doubt that.”

And I didn’t.

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