Dancing can come with a prize!

Margarette is a 19 year old ballerina who has danced for 7 years since she was 5 but professionally since she was 12. Her dad is military and he got orders to move to London,England... This is her journey on how her life changed!


1. Pilot

Dance Teacher: Great job Margarette, you should push a little harder on those pirouette

Margarette: Thks, I'll just keep practicing!

Dance Teacher: OH, one more announcement everyone... We have a vary special guest tomorrow!!!They will watch our routine and choose one of you to come on tour with them! So please get some sleep!:)

------background info------

My name is Margarette I'm 18years old and I have dance all my life!!! Usually is ballet but in very stressful times hip hop gets the best of me. I'm not popular at school, but I'm not a loser either! I have one friend named Alexis Fleshman but i call her Lexi!... I'm a senior in high school and i have never been in a school for more than a year.


Margarette's POV

I got home from school. Another exhausting day! My dad works from 5am-10pm, so I'm by my self most of the time. I blasted my music while I took a shower and tried to finish my math homework. After I was done doing my homework i went downstairs to find 2 cops at my door, The FBI, 2 fire trucks, and 8 military men who looked pissed!!!! When i open the door, first thing i see is a box like one of those dead people boxes being help by 8 men....who tried to explain me my father is not gonna make it to dinner!

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