Up all night

Olivia Higgins is in her junior year of high school with her best friend Jordan. Jordan is obsessed with One direction. Her birthday is coming up, and Olivia wants to make it special. She asks her uncle, Paul Higgins, the tour manager/ “babysitter” for one direction to perform at Jordan’s 18th birthday party. Will Jordan's ex-sister ruin her party? What will happen as they stay up all night?


5. the finding

Jordan's POV

I was enjoying the party. I was going to be Harry's one night stand. What could get any better? I spotted Frank coming my way. "Are you going to play another joke on me?" I asked "I just want to know..." He had tears in his eyes. "Why?"he said. I was confused."Why?What?" "Why didn't you accept my valentine..." "I..." "Was it because you were scared...or you didn't have feelings for me?" "I have no idea what you are talking about" "Valentine's day...Freshman year...I thought you liked me after you spilled your water all over your lap. I knew you weren't the clumsy type." He chuckled a little "I took off my jacket to hide the stain and walked you home to pick up a new pair of jeans. You were embarrassed so I tried to cheer you up by making you laugh. You looked me in the eye and I asked you to be my valentine" He started tearing up again "and go out with me, but you ran." He started crying, he tried to hide them from me by turning around. He tried to wipe his tears.  I heard him mumble something. I went over to him and hugged him. "You never did that...but if you did i wouldn't of ran" I said almost tearing up. He stopped and kissed me passionately, and i kissed him back.

Ashley's POV

How could he dump me? I did a lot for him. I remember that day well, dufus. When I pretended to be Jordan and ran away so I could have you. Why did you like Jordan and not me? How dare you say she is as important as me? I was furious. Her mother isn't rich, she is low on money, she doesn't have a boyfriend, she doesn't have a caring father. Wait. I sat down and started sobbing. That's me!

Olivia's POV

I went backstage after One direction finished their songs. I turned the corner and saw two love birds kissing. "Get a room!"I said annoyed "But not here" I said quickly. They turned. "Jordan.." I said as I looked at her."Frank..." I said surprised as I looked at him "How dare you...." I started. Jordan grabbed me and tried to pull me away "kiss my best friend when you are with another girl and playing dumb little pranks on her that hurt her feelings" she managed to pull me away and explained the situation. "You think it was a dream he had" said Jordan. "I'm happy for you...but that's no excuse he has a girlfriend and he plays jokes on you" "You're right."she said sadly. "Hey, heart breaker!" He gestured ME? "Come here" I said. He explained why he did those pranks, why he dated Ashley and why he broke up with her and how. "Aww that's sweet of you," said Jordan. "Wait if Jordan didn't decline your Valentine, who did?" i asked "I don't know, the person really looked like Jordan" said Frank "Do you remember anything about her that looked odd" I said. One direction came down from the stage."No she wore pink vans, jeans, blouse,and her hair like Jordan" he started "She had a charm bracelet but she broke it" "Wait" interrupted Jordan. "Charm bracelet, she looks just like me. It was Ashley. Her mother gave her that charm bracelet when she was little but decided not to wear it anymore freshman year." We all shared a look.



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