Up all night

Olivia Higgins is in her junior year of high school with her best friend Jordan. Jordan is obsessed with One direction. Her birthday is coming up, and Olivia wants to make it special. She asks her uncle, Paul Higgins, the tour manager/ “babysitter” for one direction to perform at Jordan’s 18th birthday party. Will Jordan's ex-sister ruin her party? What will happen as they stay up all night?


1. she deserves better

Olivia's POV

knock knock

"Jordan" I yelled, "we are going to be late, again!" My name is Olivia Higgins, almost 18 years old, in 2 months trying to survive High school. It's my junior year. I have brown hair and brown eyes. I am best friends with Jordan Brown who is obsessed with one direction. "Do you know what I want for my birthday?" she asked. "Yes, I've known for the past few years" I replied, "No, my uncle won't allow it." Jordan is blonde with brown eyes. "Do you know what else I want?" she asked spotting someone from across the street. "To beat Ashley's annual birthday party." I replied annoyed. Ashley is Jordan's sister and the most popular girl in school. Jordan has her dad, and Ashley has her rich mom. They dated once and decided to get married but it didn't last long. They got married and filed for divorce the next day. She found out she was pregnant with twins. One took Ashley and the other took Jordan. They live across from each other. Ever since the two families have had a war. Ashley always planned the best birthday party because her mother was rich. Ashley is blonde with blue eyes. Each year Jordan tried to make hers better but her dad, Chris has a gambling issue and loses the money right when she needs it the most.  "I hate her." she said.  When we arrived at school, there was a big banner saying "Come to Ashley's birthday party which is the best." "Just once I wish I could beat her." she said. Ashley started walking towards us. "Well, Jordan even though you can't make yourself a party, you are always welcomed to mine." said Ashley. "Really?" said Jordan who was believing her. "Of course, you'll be left at the front door while you watch people party and have a great time at mine and not yours," walking away. "And if I see you there just to let you know, you'll be kicked out."

Jordan's POV


I started tearing up. Why did i believe her? "I'll see you later." I said to Olivia. I looked at the floor as I walked away. I felt someone put a kick me sign on my back. Olivia grabbed the sign from my back and chased a guy who must of had put it on me in the first place. "You think your so tough but if you touch her again, you'll be hearing from me."She said in an angry voice. "Oh Jordan, is this your body guard because she could do a better job." he and his boys laughed. She shoved him at a locker. He fell to the floor. The principle came around the corner. "Not again." she said. It was my dad's girlfriend Clarice. She has dirty blonde hair and dark blue eyes. "Get to class all of you" she gestured to the other students "Jordan, Olivia, Frank in my office."she said in a boss like tone.


Olivia's POV

"Frank received detention," the principle said.  Frank was Ashley's boyfriend and Jordan's crush, freshman year. Frank has dark brown hair and hazel eyes. He was the one who put a kick me sign on Jordan. "But it isn't going to stop them, stop Ashley, can't i just move to a different school, where nobody knows me and will treat me normally." said Jordan "I wish it was that simple, your father is low on money and I am already paying for your party, he said if I pay for you to get into a new school, he would feel bad and he doesn't want to owe me money, I'm sorry"" said Clarice. Jordan ran out. "Jordan,Jordan JORDAN!" yelled Clarice. She started crying,"She deserves better." "I can't let Jordan have the worst 18th birthday party, so I asked my uncle if One direction would come and surprise her." I said. "What?!" she was so shocked. "Please don't tell Jordan, she can't find out until the party." I whispered screamed. "So this is your present" she said. I nodded. "She'll love it! Oh, you should probably get to class." she said excitedly. I made a shh sound with my finger. "oh" shh she said. After class I ran to Jordan and said, "Hey, so instead of hanging out at your house while watching Ashley throw a party and rubbing it in your face, want to come to my house and have a birthday with just you, me, Clarice, My dad and yours." My dad is George and he's an inventor with black hair and some grey hair with grey eyes. "That sounds great, It could be a change.Like the new annual birthday party with just CLOSE family." she replied. "Come to my house after school, while the adults get the decorations and cake." I said. I was so excited she is going to flip out. "Sure" she said.


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