It was a normal day. The sun was high, the birds were cherping, the clouds were big and plump. Everything was perfect. I was currently trying to attempt a painting of a fruit portrait, then the door bell rung. I cleaned off my hands, and wiped my forehead. I traveled to the door and opened the door unknowing that whatever was on the other side of my door would change my life forever.


1. Chapter 1

It was a dark, and cold night. I ran through the forest blinded, unknowing where I was going, only knowing I had to get away. I stumbled over tree branches many times but I found myself determined to keep going. Hearing the loud footsteps behind me I ran faster desperate to get away.

He was getting closer, and I was running faster. I tried calling for help but no one answered. I was forgotten, I was no one to them. Everyone thought I was some crazy girl with a vivid imagination, this doesn't look like someone from my imagination to me.

I could faintly see a cliff up ahead so I ran to it, I mean it's better than a dark forest. I worked my feet harder than it had ever worked before and I finally met the cliff. I could hear the unnamed killer behind me and I knew I had to move fast.

I ran up the cliff hill and gasped in pain when a sharp rock cut through my foot. I wanted so bad to stop and care for my injury but I know I would die if I did.

Making my way to the top of the hill I stopped out of breath and screamed when a hand wrapped around my neck. I choked out a call for help but no one heard me, they never do.

"You thought you could get away from me didn't you?" he whispered into my ear. Shaking my head I struggled to get away. One hand was pulled from my neck and I was praying he would let me go but instead a sharp object sliced through the side of my neck. Shrieking out in agony I elbowed his ribs causing him to release me.

I ran to the edge of the cliff prepared to jump off, I'd rather die at the hands of me, and not his. He finally gained balance and was now making his way to me. My heart beat began to quicken, but I waited.

When he had ahold of me once again I knew what I had to do. I took one last look to the sky and forced myself off the cliff, with the killer with me. We plunged through the air the winds hitting us as we fell. I didn't have enough time to even say good bye when I blacked, forever.

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