It was love at first sight. so i thought.

"Allison Williams I love you."


28. Zayn

-I knock on his door and it took him like 10 minutes to open the door-

Ali: Zayn are you ok?

Zayn: uh yeah I'm sorry I was busy for a moment but I'm not anymore.

Ali: what were u doing?

This kinda felt weird and I wanted to know what was up.

Zayn: um, cleaning.

Ali: really?

Zayn: I was.

Ali: ok I believe u so what do u wanna do?

Zayn: u. I'm joking my joking.

Ali: your bad and u say I'm the bad one.

Zayn: wanna go out to see a movie?

Ali: yeah -smiles and nods-

Zayn: ok let's go.

Ali: ok.

We walk to the movies which wasn't that far from the hotel where we were staying at and we looked at what movies were playing.

Zayn: what do u wanna see?

Ali: well, I really wanna see Lets Be Cops but I really wanna see If I Stay.

Zayn: how about we see if I stay tonight and tomorrow night lets be cops?

Ali: really u would do that?

Zayn: yes the movie and everything's on me babe.

Ali: thanks Zayn.

-he smiles-

We get the tickets and popcorn and stuff and watched the movie of course I cry and Zayn was staying strong even though he didn't have to. Zayn hugged me close to him and I cries watching the movie it was just so sad I cry when everything's sad. I liked when Zayn hugged me he did that when we shared our moments together. I really enjoyed our moments together even this moment I just wish it would last forever.


Hey guys my name is Kaila and I'm writing this story and I was wondering who u want Ali to really be with u know that Ali and Zayn have a sex relationship and Liam and Ali are friends but they like each other more. Louis and Ali well really good friends and tell each other everything. Niall always listens and cares for Ali a lot do u think she will fall for the Irish cutie? Or does she really belong with Harry or someone else?

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