It was love at first sight. so i thought.

"Allison Williams I love you."


7. worring

I was getting ready and it was only 5:00 i know I have a hour left but I wanna look really good for Harry so I curled my hair and I put my make up on and pick a red dress that's short and fits on my curves and my leather boots. I looked at myself for a while why does Harry think I'm beautiful whatever I do I never look beautiful so why does he think that? Why? I'm not so I really want to know. I started to watch Twilight until Harry got here it was now 6:57 the clock kept ticking it was 7:00 I waited outside for him i didn't see his range rover yet. I don't know why Harry would be late I never knew he would be like this I don't know maybe he's running late he will be here. It is now 7: 50 I decided to call Harry I called him but he didn't answer I was worried I called Liam an he said that Harry left at 6:30 he said that Harry should be here soon I thanked Liam and I hung up. It's now 8:30 and still no sign of Harry oh well I hope he's ok. Omg what if he got into an accident?! I hope he's okay he better be okay.oh well I guess I'll ask Liam if he's busy. I call Liam he answered.

Allison: hey Li are you busy?

Liam: no why?

Allison: Harry didn't come and I was wondering if my best friend would come over.

Liam: sure I'll be there soon.

Liam came in and we sat on the couch.

Liam: so what do u wanna do?

Allison: I don't care as long as I'm with my best friend. I smiled.

Liam: I missed you ally a lot I've been wanting to hang out but we never get a chance together.

Allison: yeah i know we should hang out more.

Liam: yeah so you wanna maybe cuddle on the couch and watch Toy Story?

Allison: just like old times!

Liam: yeah.

I played Toy Story and cuddled with Liam while watching the movie.

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