It was love at first sight. so i thought.

"Allison Williams I love you."


21. watching tv with Lou

-Louis sat in his bed and I say in mine we turned on the tv and watched "The Notebook"-

Louis: why I she being so stupid? Noah and her belong together!

Ali: I don't know Lou.

Louis: hey Ali?

Ali: yeah?

Louis: do u think that u have to wait for a Noah to come along for u to be with forever?

Ali: I don't know Louis I don't know.

Louis: I hope you find your Noah soon love.

Ali: thanks Lou.

-we watch more of the movie- then the movie gets done-

Louis: I'm crying.

Ali: me to Louis.

Louis: that's so sad.

Ali: I know Louis.

Louis: I can't stop I'm so sad.

Ali: c'mere Lou.

-Louis comes over and he lays on the bed with me and I hold him-

Ali: shhh don't cry no more tears.

-Louis cries-

Louis: I'm sorry.

Ali:don't be.

-Lou stops crying and he falls to sleep in my arms- I don't wake him- I drift off to sleep with him in my arms-

-I dream there was a guy and we were kissing I couldn't see his face until he looked into my eyes- Louis-

-why was Louis in my dream? Why were we kissing? Do I have feelings for him?-

(Louis pov)

-I was dreaming and I was kissing a girl but I couldn't see who she was- when I looked in to her eyes it was Ali holy shit I was kissing Ali why were we kissing? Do I have feelings for her?-

(Ali's pov)

-I woke up and so did Louis we looked into each other's eyes- we start making out- he gets on too of me still making out with me-

Ali:Louis what are we doing?

Louis: kissing.

Ali: what did u dream about.

Louis: I was making out with a girl and I found out it was u.

Ali: I was making out with someone and it was u.

Louis: omg we had the same dream.

Ali: do you like me?

Louis: I think so do u like me?

Ali: I think so.

Louis: let's go to bed this was kind of weird.

Ali: yeah it was goodnight.

-he goes back to his bed and goes to sleep so do i-

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