It was love at first sight. so i thought.

"Allison Williams I love you."


4. trying to ask him

Allison: Harry I need to ask you something.

Harry: okay go ahead no ones stoping you.

Niall walked up

Niall: Harry you ready to go now?

Harry you go back to the place I'll be back I'm just gonna hang out with ally a bit . Okay?

Niall: oh okay I go tell the lads. He frowned and said Niall: nice seeing you ally!

Allison: same here Niall same here!

Niall left and we stared talking

Harry: what is it you wanted to ask me?

Allison: would you go out with me?

Harry: are you asking me out on a date?

Allison: yeah I am Harry.

Harry: I would love to but unfortunately I'm busy all week so I cant this week ally if you give me your number I'll text you and let you know.

Allison: oh ok here's my phone.

I gave Harry my iPhone and he smiled

Allison: what is it?

Harry: I got the same iPhone

Harry kept smiling and he started typing away on the iPhone

Harry: here you go love I always have my phone on silent but you can text me anytime and I will return your texts.

Allison: ok do you want my number just in case so you know who I am?

Harry: I'll remember who you are love but you can put it in my phone.

Harry gave me his phone I put my name in as Ally (his nickname for me) and my number and then I took a pic and put it on my contact pic.

Allison: here you go .

Harry: thanks love I'll talk to you soon.

Allison: ok.

We hugged and I walked away.

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