It was love at first sight. so i thought.

"Allison Williams I love you."


5. thinking

Should I text him? (Now in Harry's pov) should I text her ? (Back to ally) oh bloody hell I'm gonna text him. I took a deep breath and texted him. "Hey what's up you?" And he texted back. Harry: hey ally I'm doing good and nothing's up just sitting here with the lads hbu. Allison: I'm bored and it really wanted to talk to you. Harry: I wanted to talk to you too. Allison: Harry can I be honest? Harry: sure love. Allison: well I missed you. Harry: I missed you too ally. Allison: I thought I was the only one. Harry: hey you busy tonight? Allison: I'm free everyday of my life. Harry: okay meet me at Starbucks. Allison: tonight and what time? Harry: 7:00 and yes tonight. Allison: ok see you tonight. Harry: ok see you tonight.

I was walking to Starbucks and I saw Harry in the window he looked up saw me and waved and I went in I smiled and Harry hugged me

Harry: hey love I'm glad you could make it.

Allison: I'm glad I could too.

Harry: so what's new with you ?

Allison: sitting here with you.

Harry: oh yeah.

Harry look like something was wrong it didn't know what it was .

Allison: Harry are you ok?

Harry: yeah I'm just really nervous.

Allison: yeah I am too i just want you to know that I like u for you not because your famous I hope you don't think I'm that kind of girl.

Harry: oh I didn't think that you were that kind of girl I know your a kind girl with a kind heart and that's why I wanted to see you tonight to get to know you more.

Allison: really?

Harry: yes love .

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