It was love at first sight. so i thought.

"Allison Williams I love you."


10. the worst tears I've ever cried I'm my life

Harry: ally we need to talk.

Allison: what is it hazza?

Harry: I don't think we should date anymore.

Allison: what? Why?

Harry:I've fallen for Selena

Allison: my best friend? What the hell Harry!

Harry: yes I'm sorry. -he looks down-

(Selena Gomez has been my friend since we were 17 and we were like sisters until now)

-Selena walks up- selena: hey ally.

Allison: don't talk to me

Selena: what's wrong allison?

Allison: you know what's going on Selena.

Selena: no I don't Harry what's going on?

Harry: she knows that we've fallen for each other.

Selena: oh yeah I'm sorry about stealing your guys heart al.

Allison: fuck that no your not I don't ever wanna speak to u or u again! -points to the two of them-

-I run away in tears-

Harry: Allison wait!

-I keep running after what I heard Selena said-

Selena: let her go she needs time alone Liam will take care of her.

Harry: I know he will I feel bad now Selena....

-I get home and cry on my bed- in my mind-

I can't believe Harry would do that I thought he cared about me and Selena she and I were like sisters until now I can't believe it she said no man not even Harry styles would get in between her and I and Harry did!

-I lay in bed and never moved from there-

-Liam walked in-

Liam: ally get up

Allison: no.

Liam: Allison it's been a month the boys and I haven't heard from u and were worried.

Allison: Harry isn't he's too happy with Selena! -snaps-

Liam: he does care he's been crying about hurting u.

Allison: I don't believe that one bit.

Liam: fine.

-Liam gets in bed with me-

Allison: what are u doing?

Liam: holding u.

Allison: you don't have to.

Liam: I want to. -Liam wraps his arms around me and holds me close-

-I cry into his chest-

Liam: shhh it's gunna be okay.

-Liam and I fell asleep in each other's arms-

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