It was love at first sight. so i thought.

"Allison Williams I love you."


8. the dream

-I'm holing Harry's hand while he's driving a truck comes towards us and hits us- Allison: Harry? Harry!!!!!! -I wake up screaming and crying- Harry sits up on the floor and stands up he hugs me i scream again- Harry:shhh ally it's Harry shhh. -I hug back crying- Allison: hhow did u get in?

Harry: the window -I smile a little- Allison: what happened the other night? Harry: my sister called she got hurt and I went to help her I was going to call u but I forgot I was really worried about her. Allison: it's fine you didn't have to call family before dates. Harry: that's why I like you ally your not like other girls. Allison: I'm not the kind of girl you would date. Harry: I don't always date models or singers. Allison: really? Harry: really.

-we look into each other's eyes- Allison: Harry? Harry: Allison? -he leans in and we kiss-

-he pulled away and smiled I smiled back-

Harry: whoa

Allison: whoa

-we both giggled and we kisses again we started making out that's when things get heated (I'm not getting into detail this is for teens and kids under 17)- the next morning-

-I woke up to Harry's lazy smile-

Harry: morning beautiful

Allison: morning sexy

-Harry blushes-

Allison: aw Harry your blushing!

Harry: am not

Allison: are too

Harry: am not

Allison: are too

-I kissed him before he could say anything else-

Harry: I only blush when I talk to you or talk about you or when I'm with u.

Allison: well your here with me and your blushing

Harry: your so beautiful

Allison:well thank you kind sir

Harry: anything for u love

-I stretch-

Allison: I have to get up

Harry: noooooooo

Allison: I have to

Harry: can't you just sleep in?

Allison: no I can't I gotta get food for tonight

Harry: what's tonight?

Allison: well my parents are coming tonight and I want everything to be perfect so they are proud of me and think I'm mature

Harry: you are mature and they will be

Allison : yeah but there a problem I've never had a guy friend at all and they are gunna be disappointed if they don't see I have one

Harry: you have Liam call him and ask if he could come

Allison: Harry would u come too?

Harry: It would be a honour

Allison: -smiles- gets up and gets dressed- hmm

Harry: damn I like that ass

Allison: -giggles- oh hush styles.

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