It was love at first sight. so i thought.

"Allison Williams I love you."


27. oops I did it again.

-knocks on the door-

Zayn: ally what-I cut him off and kiss him- he kisses back surprised- (now Perrie and him aren't together)

things get heated and well u know what happen.

-I lay right next to him breathing heavily-

Zayn: we can't keep doing this after u get out of a bad break up babe.

Ally: I know.

Zayn: then why did u come to me again?

Ally: I don't know I'm sorry Zayn.

Zayn: don't be I was having a hard day to I kinda needed this with u.

Ally: what happened?

Zayn: girls tried to get me to go out with them and I didn't even know them.

Ally: I'm sorry about that Zayn -kisses his cheek-

Zayn: don't be you weren't one of the girls if u asked me out I would go out with u. 1:your beautiful and 2: I know you.

Ally: awww Zayn.

(Ok I know what your thinking u think I'm a slut but I'm not I just have a really hard life and I'm confused)

Zayn: what it's true.

Ally: I believe you.

It was quite for a while and then I broke the silents.

Ally: Zayn?

Zayn took a while to answer back.

Zayn: yeah?

Ally: wanna hang out later?

Zayn: doing what?

Ally: whatever you want.

-Zayn smiles and nods- Zayn: ok I'm cool with that.

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